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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Update coming soon!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:10 pm

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Before I do the usual and talk about the kids... Jackie is in Chicago and will run her first marathon tomorrow!!!. So proud of her determination and commitment over the last few years to go from not running since school to completing several half marathons and now her first full 26.2 miles. Can't wait to post some of those pictures!

Now a quick update on the Kohtz Family. The kids are both done with their first semester of 3rd grade and kindergarten. They are on their 2 week fall break. Brayden is playing flag football and he started taekwondo. School is going well for him. He is very motivated to learn how to read and is making a lot of progress. We are also told he is very good at math!

Lauren is still doing dance and gymnastics, girl scouts and piano. She has played long enough that its time we keep our word to get her a guitar. She just loves Taylor Swift. She is still doing great at school. Her teacher has nothing but good things to say about her. She even had a picture of her desk taken and placed on the board as an example of how it should look. Why doesn't this occur with her bedroom!

We did go to Omaha to Vala's pumpkin patch and Henry Doorley Zoo last week for fall break. The kids had a lot of fun. Enjoy the pictures!

08-15-2012 Brayden (1)

08-15-2012 Brayden (3)
Brayden loves the arts and craft center at school. He made this gun and holster.

09-08-2012 Brayden Football (8)
Brayden out running the defense!

09-08-2012 Brayden Football (2)
Sprinting to the end zone with a big smile!

09-12-2012 Brayden Marathon (4)
Brayden's Marathon!

09-21-2012 Lauren Marathon (2)
Lauren's marathon!

09-15-2012 Ryan and Dad (3)
Date night!

09-27-2012 Vala's Pumpkin patch (2)

09-27-2012 Vala's Pumpkin patch (30)
Vala's has these huge jumpnig pillows and the kids love them!

09-27-2012 Vala's Pumpkin patch (38)
Train ride with Aunt Candi!

09-27-2012 Vala's Pumpkin patch (46)
Pretty like her mama!

09-27-2012 Vala's Pumpkin patch (57)

09-27-2012 Vala's Pumpkin patch (61)

09-28-2012 Zoo (15)
The Zoo

Ryan Kohtz | 2:00 pm

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big day for us last week, the first day of kindergarten for Brayden and Lauren started 3rd grade! Brayden has Mrs. Humphrey and Lauren has Miss Nordhues. Things have gone well so far, Lauren loves her teacher and Brayden says his teacher is "kind of mean" and "school is boring". His teacher is real big into laying down the law the first few weeks so hopefully it will become more fun soon!

The other exciting event is Lauren learned how to water ski! This was one of her summer goals she set for herself. She has tried several different times and has been close but she'd always let go right before she stood up. Well, after she got it the first time, there was no stopping her! We had a great weekend at the lake last week with Haley, Thomas and Addilyn, Thomas's parents, and Craig Jamie, Ben and Hadley and of course papa and gigi!

Brayden and Mrs Humphrey!
07-24-2012 Brayden Mrs Humphrey (1)

Lauren and Miss Nordhues!
07-23-2012 Lauren Miss Nordhues (2)

07-24-2012 School (5)

07-24-2012 School (18)

Lauren and Addilyn!
07-08-2012 Lauren Addilyn (2)

We missed Conner and Abby and had a hard time getting the rest of the cousins to sit still for a picture.
07-04-2012 Cousins (6)

07-28-2012Lake (9)

07-28-2012 Lauren Ski (20)

07-28-2012 Lauren Ski (21)

07-28-2012 Lauren Ski (22)

07-28-2012 Lauren Ski (24)

07-28-2012Lake (29)

Ryan Kohtz | 9:40 pm

Sunday, July 22, 2012

So our summer is winding down already with school starting on Tuesday. We will still have plenty of summer fun after school starts, just more in the afternoon and weekends! So what all did we do this summer, it sure went fast. The kids have been to the pool a lot and lots of lessons. So they are both great swimmers now and not afraid at all. Lauren is jumping off the high board and Brayden has the low board mastered. We also made it to three different water parks so far and of course the lake many times. Be sure and see the South Dakota pictures on the second posting. Here are some other fun pictures!

06-16-2012 Lake with Hendricksons (64)

06-16-2012 Lake with Hendricksons (45)

06-16-2012 Lake with Hendricksons (26)

05-30-2012 Lauren Gpa and Gma

05-21-2012 Lauren Recital (9)

05-14-2012 Lauren Piano Recital

Brayden finishing up pre-k!
05-14-2012 Brayden PreK (10)

And Lauren's first time behind the boat! She is so close to getting up on skis, I hope to have a picture of that soon!!
06-17-2015 Lauren Knee Board 1st time (29)

Ryan Kohtz | 8:52 pm

We went to South Dakota for our vacation this summer and had a great time! We stopped at carhenge and Chimney rock in Nebraska. We camped in Hot Springs and swam at Evans Plunge, explored Wind Cave National Park and the Mammoth site! Then we drove North and saw Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Cosmos, Alpine Slide, Keystone, 1880 Train, Bear Country USA, Reptile Gardens, Rapid City, Badlands, Wall Drug and tons of nature! Wow, that sounds like a lot! We camped the whole time and it really was a great time!

06-30-2012 camping (7)

06-29-2012 exploring (5)

The Badlands!
06-29-2012 BadLands (4)

The Alpine slide was a major hit!
06-29-2012 Alpine Slide (17)

06-29-2012 Alpine Slide (6)

06-28-2012 Swimmin (1)

Bear Country USA!
06-28-2012 Bear Country (14)

Mt Rushmore
06-27-2012 Mt Rushmore (36)

06-27-2012 Mt Rushmore (10)

Crazy Horse
06-27-2012 Crazy Horse (4)

Wind Cave National Park
06-26-2012 Wind Cave Park (22)

Chimney Rock
06-25-2012 Chimney Rock (4)

Mammoth Site
06-25-2012 Mammoth Site (4)

The best part of camping!
06-26-2012 Camping Breakfast (2)

Mt Rushmore has great ice cream!
06-27-2012 Mt Rushmore (42)

06-28-2012 exploring (5)

06-28-2012 exploring (10)

Ryan Kohtz | 8:33 pm

Friday, May 11, 2012

05-10-2012 LaurenArtMona (4)

Lauren is pointing to her work of art! It is near the top, the flower scene made out of yarn. Very cool!
05-10-2012 LaurenArtMona (1)

05-03-2012 Brayden bday (1)

Lots of boys for the birthday party!
04-28-2012 Ninjago party (85)

Lego Ninjago cake!
04-28-2012 Ninjago party (2)
Ryan Kohtz | 1:04 pm

Thursday, May 03, 2012

6 years ago today our little Brayden was born! What a blessing our children have been. On Saturday, we had 11 boys at our house for a martial arts demonstration from two second degree black belts, complete with weapons! The boys had fun doing that then had cake and ice cream, presents, then they were sent outside! Too many boys to be running around inside! Today, Brayden got an angry birds necklace before school and then he had to wait until Lauren was home from dance after 6 to open his gifts. He got binoculars, Lego Dino's, Lego Ninajago, and Nerf Vortex disc gun! This Saturday he will finish off his birthday week with a trip to Toy's R Us with papa and Gigi. He also wants to go to Shogun's, a Japanese Hibachi grill, for lunch. Better than McDonalds!!!

Lauren is gearing up for her dance recital. She is really getting into dance this year (not so much gymnastics). She is also planning on singing "Tomorrow" form Anne with a few friends for her school talent show. Summer is less than two weeks away and they are both ready for school to be out! Can't wait. We found a sitter to stay with the kids at the house this summer so lots of trips to the pool!

I will get pictures of all these fun times off the camera soon!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:26 pm

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kindergarten roundup was last Thursday, Brayden is sooo ready to go to school. I think Lauren is excited to have her little brother in school with her also. School starts end of July!!

Here are a few pictures form Easter weekend. We spent time in Omaha, Columbus and Norfolk and finished off the weekend with a fun lunch in G.I. at Fuji Japanese steakhouse for Jackie's birthday!

04-08-2012 Easter (11)

04-08-2012 Easter (8)

04-08-2012 Easter (17)

Great Grandma Hansen. The kids played Mummy's Treasure and Spot it with her! It was a nice visit.
04-08-2012 Great Grandma (1)

Painting Easter eggs with the Atkinson's. Fun!
04-06-2012 Atkinsons Easter Eggs (13)

Lauren had a her face painted in Omaha, beautiful little girl!
04-07-2012 Lauren Face paint (1)
Ryan Kohtz | 6:28 pm

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spring break has come and gone already! We went to Omaha for a few days and went to the CoCo Keys water resort. The kids had a blast! We were probably in the water for more than five hours each day! Lauren loved the long water slides and once we convinced Brayden to try them, he had a great time also.

03-19-2012 CoCo Keys (1)

03-19-2012 CoCo Keys (61)

03-19-2012 CoCo Keys (48)

03-19-2012 CoCo Keys (34)

We took Pictures of Brayden with a lot of his artwork. The kids sure make a lot of pictures and crafts. We have resorted to taking their pictures with the artwork so we don't have to keep everything! Lauren has a bunch waiting to be photographed!
03-21-2012 Brayden Art (26)

Lauren had her schools "Broadway Musical" last week. We have some great video of her singing and acting (with sass!) the "anything you can do I can do better" song. She is quite the performer.
04-03-2012 Lauren Musical (1)

02-26-2012 Brayden Dad (3)

02-26-2012 Brayden Mom (3)

And finally I thought it would be fun to get a picture of their bedroom doors and how they have them decorated.

02-26-2012 Laurens Door (3)

02-26-2012 Braydens Door (1)
Ryan Kohtz | 8:11 pm

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a great Spring! Brayden started Spring soccer today. I am his coach this year and he had lots of fun today. We have a fun little group of boys! He was very aggressive and scored some goals as well as surprising defense! He is still way into legos, building stuff all the time. Now he likes Lego Ninjago. Lauren is almost done with second grade! Still doing dance and gymnastics, piano and girls scouts. She loves to swim and play with friends!

A few pictures from almost an entire year without any postings!

Brayden turned five back in May. This is the cake Grandma made for him. Great party at the big apple!
05-02-2011 Brayden Party (11)

Lauren turned 8 in November. She had a big sleep over and then an ice skating party!
12-03-2011 lauren Birthday party  (8)

This was at the Kansas City Science Museum. Riding a bike on a cable!
10-06-2011 KC science museum (10)

Of course we spent plenty of time at the lake. The kids still love to swim. Lauren is getting closer to water skiing! I am hoping this summer.
06-25-2011 LakeShaffers (48)

06-25-2011 LakeShaffers (32)

06-25-2011 LakeShaffers (40)

Dance Recital!
06-02-2011 Lauren dance recital (8)

Lauren's first day of SECOND grade! Can you believe it! this is her teacher, Mrs Gilpin
07-26-2011 Lauren Mrs Gilpin (1)

Brayden's first day of pre-k with Mrs Deloach! 5 days a week, 3 hours a day. He is ready to start kindergarten!
08-22-2011 Zion PreK (10)

Harry Potter and a witch!
10-31-2011 Halloween (8)

Christmas 2011!!
12-21-2011 Kids Christmas Outfits (7)

Santa brought Lauren and art easel and paints
12-25-2011 Santa Gifts (1)

And santa bought Brayden more legos and super heros!
12-25-2011 Santa Gifts (2)

This is our only real snow storm. Very wet and heavy snow made for lots of fun for the kids. Big snow forts and great sled runs!
02-04-2011 Snow  (31)

And finally, a picture that is all Brayden!
01-20-2011 Brayden (6)

Ryan Kohtz | 6:48 pm

Friday, March 23, 2012

02-05-2011 sledding (30)

Ok, I finally have it figured out! Thanks Craig. I will get a years worth of pictures up soon. We went sledding and brayden was having a blast.
Ryan Kohtz | 7:20 am

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We have been giving the kids a small allowance for a few months now and it is paying off with Brayden. They have to put a little in their bank to save, a little for Sunday school and the rest they can spend. Well Lauren has no problem saving and spending wisely. She still has a bunch of birthday money and shops wisely. Brayden, on the other hand, spends the moment he gets money and wants Legos all the time. He has put off spending his allowance the last two times in order to save for the next bigger Lego. He also doesn't want to spend to zero! The other bonus of an allowance has been the threat of not receiving it if they don't help out or complain!
Ryan Kohtz | 4:51 pm

Friday, February 10, 2012

So what is new since July? Lauren is now 8 and has grown at least 3 inches in each of her last two years. She is still a whiz in school and has came a long ways in the confidence department. She still plays school all the time. We did a major overhaul of her downstairs classroom, it is so much cleaner now! Crafts, friends, singing, dancing, and teaching! Lauren and I went to daddy-daughter date night last month for the second time. Lots of fun seeing all the girls dressed up and singing and dancing!

Brayden is still 5 and in per-kindergarten. He is so ready to start kindergarten. He does, however, ask about every day if he has the next day off of school. Speech is coming along for him. He can now say most all sounds but he needs to slow down sometimes. He is still very much into Legos. He now prefers harry potter legos but really wants the new batman and superman, saving his allowance to buy those! He was shocked to see the police pull over an "old man" and he asked his Mom if "do police pull over old ladies also?"

Mostly the same stuff, Lauren practices piano on Monday and gym/dance on Thursday. Brayden practices tennis on Tuesday and they both have faith weavers on Wednesday so that keeps us busy. We had our first real snow of the year last week and we all went sledding. Lots of fun. We also built several snow forts and lots of snow balls but no requests for a snowman. The kids are very excited for Grandpa (Grandma will be working) to come to Kearney on Tuesday of next week when Jackie and I leave to Florida for 5 days! Can't wait. Lauren just really wants us to be sure he knows exactly what time she needs to get to school! They will then go see Grandma Friday after school in Columbus. Hopefully pictures soon!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:13 pm

Monday, November 21, 2011

We are going to make another attempt soon at keeping this up to date with pictures and comments! New computer and picture software should make it easier and convenient! Check back in December!
Ryan Kohtz | 5:38 pm

Friday, July 15, 2011

It has been a fun and busy summer for us so far! Sad to say it is kind of wrapping up with school starting after next week. We just returned from a vacation to Colorado and had a great time. We spent a few days in Denver and the rest in Colorado Springs for the Kohtz family reunion. Highlights of Denver would be the American Girl and Lego Stores for the kids. We also visited the Natural History and Science Museum as well as the Hammond Candy Factory. Jackie was inspired by the huge selection of stores, I think she wants to go back! Colorado Springs was a great time also. We went up Pikes Peak with cousins Greg, Doug and Vicki and their families. Lauren and Brayden loved the top, we let them climb all over the rocks. We hiked in the Garden of the Gods, went to waterfalls, cliff dwellings and underground caves. Saturday was entirely with the extended family so that was fun. Lots of people we have not talked to in years and the kids meet many for the first time.

So about the kids.... Like I said, the summer has been going fast and I know we haven't been able to get to the pool/park/picnic as much as we'd like but I think they are having fun. Lauren finished up daisey's with a day of fishing. We all did that and the kids had fun. She is still doing gymnastics in the summer, not a big fan of tennis lessons last month which was a surprise to us. Swim lessons, Bible School, Swimming pool, piano lessons, summer reading program. I hope she's having a good summer.

Onto Brayden. He is pretty much into legos. If he gets a new one, the very next thing he says is "if I get one more, I will never ask again" and "can we pick out legos for my birthday." He is way into his friends, always wanting playdates. He had fun with VBS, and puddleducks camp. If you remember his sword in shirt, he has a new thing now. He wears his winter gloves with exposed fingers all the time becasue they make his hands invisible. If he puts those on, watch out, he's going to get someone!

What else, several trips to the lake. We have been able to bring some friends there (thanks mom and dad) and we went to Peanuts and the Gang one evening at the outdoor ampitheater. Jackie and I were ready to leave after intermission but the kids wanted to stay so that was fun.

Haley and Thomas visited us last week and we will see them again next week at the papa and gigi's house. Some exciting news from them...they are expecting their first baby next March. Also, Craig and Jamie's twins will arive any day now so the family is growing.
Ryan Kohtz | 10:47 am

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ryan Kohtz | 2:52 pm

Monday, March 21, 2011

Where to start! Jackie and I were just talking about how bad we have become at updating this. Problem is the pictures haven't been coming off the camera. So look for pictures next week (I know I won't get to it until the weekend. I read on my brothers blog that he is going to update my website so you can leave comments and be more interactive. Its so nice to have such a cool (read that as geek) brother who can do so much on the computer!

Anyway, we just returned fro Keystone with the kids. We skied for 3 days and everyone had a great time. We went with two other families so both kids had their best friend with them. lauren exceeded our expectations! She skied all the greens and had really no problems once she found her confidence. She is still a snow plower but started to figure the turns on the last day. She absolutley loved going from peak to base and was not happy when we made her wait for others! Brayden also skied with us. He took two days of lessons then we worked with him the third day. I took him down Schoolmarm (looooong green)on saturday and he just cant quite yet stop so I ended up snowplowing down while holding his jacket on the flater sections and just carrying him on the steep areas. i was exhasuted after that but he loved going down with me! He discovered snow mobiles also (grandpa and grandma...He wants one for Christmas. Just saying...). Jackie is now a great skier also! She did some long steep blacks with no problem and even one short run with moguls. I actually had fun on the moguls this year as well! The kids also loved swimming out side all 4 nights but especially the evening it snowed while we were out in the pools. Very fun! Thanks to the Shaffers and Tremels for going with us.

So what else is new. Brayden is still in gym class and like everything he enjoys it but if you ask him it was "boring". He will be starting swim here shortly again. We have pretyy much decided to hold him from kindergarted next year. He will go to Zion lutheran preschool which is a 5 day all morning with lunch so hopefully that won't be "boring" for him. He still loves his legos, star wars, and playing good guys/bad guys. I am a little ashamed to admit he plays Call of Duty on the X box (my fault) but at least he knows before he can play, he has to do math homework on the computer. Its a program from Lauren's school and they have a module for preschoolers so he does several a day.

Lauren is still our super smart little girl. She finally missed her first spelling word. BUT, she insists she did not, simply the teacher misunderstood a letter. She continues to test off the charts in reading and math isn't too far behind. Very proud of her work. Her teachers even tell us she is coming out of her shell. She just finished up some real good tennis lessons but shes not sure if she likes that yet or not. She starts piano soon and is getting ready for her dance recital in May. She loves to play school at home. We have a full size classroom in the basment complete with desks (mostly upside down storage containers) and all the accessories. I wish we could play with her more (she asks every day) but we often find an excuse not to (terrible, I know). So when you visit, offer to play school with her and she will love you forever.

Guess thats it for now, look for pictures (maybe a video if Craig can modify) soon!
Ryan Kohtz | 9:08 am

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I have clearly not been good at posting about our kids! Have tons of pictures to share with you, but not today. I will try to bring any readers still checking out the site up to date.

Lauren is still busy as always. She does dance and gym on Tuesday and tennis on Thursday. She is enjoying tennis and is really getting good at it but she wants to play a game and they have not done that yet. Dance continues this year without the complaining like we had at the end of last year. She has lost several more teeth here lately and has 2 nice big front teeth in her smile. She had one tooth pulled last week because her permanent tooth was coming in behind it. Good thing we brought her in, the root was very long and the dentist had to sedate her to get it out. The tooth fairy has left $2 bills and gold $1 coins. She even put a tooth in water so the fairy would have to jump in to get it and leave fairy dust behind! She is also selling girl scout cookies right now and has went way past her first and second goals, so that is exciting. School is still the same for her. A little shy and afraid to get too involved but she has a few good friends (and some drama)and continues to do very well with her test scores and learning. At least this year there has been no crying before we drop her off, as long as there are no surprises. She has to know both lunch options and she has to go potty right before she gets in the car. Mostly she is a very bright, happy girl with a side of where in the heck did that attitude come from. She spends a lot of time in her room setting up hair salons, spas, stores, and school. She loves to play with her American Girls and is still very much into crafts and art projects.

Now for Brayden. He is always our cheerful, happy kid. From the moment he wakes up till he goes to bed, we really have no issues with him. He is in preschool and they are working on letters and sounds this week. He told us today at dinner that he had to go in timeout today at school(his first ever). When asked why, he didn't remember, go figure. He does hockey on Sunday afternoon and sometimes enjoys that. Basically hes still learning to skate but wears all the gear so it doesn't hurt at all when he falls. He is also in a gymnastics class on Thursdays. He loves to play with his friends and likes to have sleepovers and that usually goes well. He is still in speech and really is only limited by his ability to make all the sounds. So some of his words are still difficult to understand but I think he is progressing (his Mom doesn't though). So kindergarten is an option for him next year but we are leaning towards him waiting another year to help his speech along. We signed him up for another preschool that's 5 days a week and he could stay till after lunch, so he should be alright with that. What else, he loves to play the wii and nintendo ds right now, basically anything Mario. We have spent hours and hours with Legos and Lincoln logs lately and lots of time out in the snow. Still into fighting pretend star wars battles and all other boy things.

Planning to trip to Keystone,CO for skiing in March with the kids so that should be lots of fun. Oh, how could I forget, Lauren asked Jackie when we get to go to Omaha so they can shop at Justice (her new favorite clothing store). That definitely put a smile on Jackie's face! I will try to get some pictures up soon.
Ryan Kohtz | 7:11 pm

Friday, November 05, 2010

Finally, Disney pictures are posted.
Ryan Kohtz | 7:19 pm

Monday, October 18, 2010

Disney pictures are almost ready! Check back soon! We had a great time in Florida. We did all the Disney parks over 7 days. the kids had a blast and were in awe with some truly amazing shows, parades, rides, characters, you name it, they enjoyed it. I will go into more detail with the pictures. For now, its back to real life. School has restarted for Lauren and Brayden is back after missing a week. He started swimming lessons again today and got all his hockey equipment Saturday. He looks pretty good all decked out. Now the skating lessons commence.
Ryan Kohtz | 8:49 pm

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