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Friday, September 03, 2010

Lots of new pictures to look at again. They pretty much tell the story of our summer! First day of school pictures for both of the kids and lots of pictures from te summer. Lauren has some from softball and golf. She did enjoy golf quite a bit so we need to get her back out doing that again. Softball was only so-so! Brayden did summer soccer and is now in a fall league. He seems to enjoy that. he also did gymnastics and will be startign that again next week. lauren will start dance and gym also but she may not continue on with the gym part of it, depending on her teachers (long story).

Otherwise, you can see several trips to the lake for lots of fun. lauren tried to waterski twice but got too much water in her face both times, which was appearently my fault. I think she'll get it next year. They still are huge swimmers and could spend days in the water.

Lauren also lost her first top tooth yesterday. I actually pulled it because she was spinning it around and having a hard time eating. So she let me wiggle it once and out it came! Bradyen's quote of the month would have to be "Dad, could you take my shoes off, my arms are too tired from holding my ice cream"

School is going well for both. Brayden is just back in the swing and he is always excited to go. Lauren actually wakes up in the morning and gets dressed and is usually cheerful. Crazy change from last years attitude! She scored very high on her reading scores this week, just at a 3rd grade level and she continues to read anything we put in front of her.

enjoy the pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 10:44 am

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lauren is back in school and is loving it. So far this year there has been no difficult mornings and she has had no "I'm not going" moments. That has been great. She really likes first grade but she misses her kindergarten teacher. The candy man (teachers husband) has came on several occasions with popsicles and candy so of course that is a huge hit with the kids. And the best part of 1st grade is no homework!

Brayden started soccer. He is a very aggressive, fast little player. He is always in the mix and if he gets in the open, watch out because he is fast. He is also doing a tumbling/gymnastics class which he has been enjoying. He is kind of bummed that Lauren is in school and he has to wait! He'll start preschool in a few weeks.

They are both running the Meadowlark marathon before/after school. Lauren is already up to 3 miles after 2 days and is motivated to get the entire marathon done this year. Last year she stopped at half. Brayden is also running again and is sure to be crowd favorite again!

I'll try and get pictures up again soon!
Ryan Kohtz | 6:49 am

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I posted a bunch of new pictures yesterday! Can't wait for the weekend! Omaha on Friday and Saturday with fireworks at Rosenblatt and the lake on Sunday and Monday with more fireworks and Aunt Haley and Arwin.
Ryan Kohtz | 9:32 am

Sunday, June 27, 2010

All kinds of fun new pictures to share! But not tonight.

Lots going on this summer. Jackie and the kids have been to the pool a bunch and are loving it! Lauren has turned into a very good swimmer and Brayden has no fear! So a quick rundown on summer activities so far. Lauren is finished tennis and VBS, still doing swim lessons and softball. She is starting golf and puddle ducks. Mix that in with the pool and play dates, she has been a busy and tired little girl. She is loving her summer vacation!

Brayden is also done with VBS and is in gymnastics now. He will be starting his swim lessons and soccer soon. He has several very good friends he likes to play with, may even try a sleep over with Evan soon!

We went to the lake this weekend. To much water at Whitetail so we took the boat out to dirty Lake North. Lauren rode on a tube and tried to ski. She was very close to getting up, hopefully she'll try again next time we can ski off the beach. Should be much easier. Otherwise lots of swimming and jumping off the dock. We watched toy Story 3 today. The kids really liked it. Brayden didn't want to put his toys away at bedtime so they can find their friends when they play together after he falls asleep. I asked him about it later and he said he knows they don't do that, he just didn't want to put them away. Little stinker! But I think his Lego interests have shifted from Star Wars to Toy Story.

Check back for pictures soon!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:24 pm

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Schools out for summer!! Kindergarten is done, hard to believe. Lauren brought home all kinds of fun things on her last day of school. Her teacher had them make similar drawings, letters, numbers, etc during the first and last months of school, talk about amazing progression! We got a very nice little graduation certificate and picture in cap and gown, several year long journals and other arts and crafts. She also won the "author of the 4th quarter" award for a story she wrote all by herself. She finished the school year as a letter M reader, which is well into the 2nd grade level. It is explained as working less on reading words and more on comprehension and context. Her teacher said Lauren and one other girl in her class are the only kindergartners in her 25 years to reach level M!!

Brayden is also done with his preschool class. He also had a lot of fun this year. He went two days a week for 2 hours this past year. He was always excited to go to school and picked up quite a few things along the way. Lets just say he is our social, outgoing child (although Lauren has made big strides this year).

Right after school was out, we loaded up in the van for a 14 hour drive to Tennessee for Mackenzie's graduation. It was a fast trip but we had a good time. The kids and I went to the Science and Technology museum and Jackie did a little shopping before we left. We stopped at Worlds of Fun in KC for a day on the way home. Very hot, but also a lot of fun. Lauren liked the "Fury of the Nile" the most and Brayden like the other water ride the most. Lines were very short so we got our fix of the favorite rides. We got home late last night and its onto summer activities.

I'll try to download the pictures some time soon so check back. One last thing, We booked our trip to Disney world in October!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:14 pm

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bradyen's birthday was the 3rd. He wanted to have an underwear party where all the kids just wore their undies but we didn't think that was such a good idea. So he had a pirate party! We rented a big bounce-a-roo and the boys loved it for short periods of time, then would get bored and off to something else. But they always came back the jumper, especially when the pirate swords and water guns came out! The pinata was also a big hit! All the little boys got several swings at it and it just wasn't breaking so finally Dad had to knock out the pirate treasure and candy! Lauren wasn't at the party because she had three other parties that weekend and one happened to be at the same time. Don't feel to bad for her though, she went to a "carnival party" with a bounce-a-roo, cotton candy, snow cone, popcorn and games.

So what does a 4 year old boy like? He loves legos and star wars. That about sums him up right now. If they are Star wars legos, that is even better. He still carries his sword everywhere he goes. He puts it on his back down his shirt. Everyone expects to see it there and always asks where it is when he can't bring it with him. Preschool is about done for the year. He loves going to school and wishes he could go every day.

Lauren only has two weeks left of kindergarten then she is off to a fun summer. It has been a fun year for us to watch her. She can read about anything really enjoys school, but if you ask her she'd say its boring. Soccer is finished for the Spring. She really enjoyed it this time, maybe because there were no snotcycles this year!! She has been busy with birthday parties (5 or 6 last few weeks) and playing with her friends. She has had one BEST friend for most of the school year and they do great together - no fighting! And what a difference a year makes. She is now a sweet little girl again. She is pleasant in the mornings and likes going to dance! Just a few months ago, everything was so hard on her, everything she had to do involved crying and drama! To be a little girl!!!!

Should be a fun summer for us. We are off the Nashville the day school gets out for Mackenzie's graduation and then tennis, softball,golf, camp, VBS, swimming, itty bitty beavers, and I am sure I am missing about ten more activities.

Enjoy the pictures!!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:11 pm

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I have finally saved some pictures, but am only current through part of April. So hopefully you will see more soon. We have done all kinds of things since our last post, don't even know where to begin.
Ryan Kohtz | 7:23 pm

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some new and old pictures to enjoy!
Ryan Kohtz | 7:26 pm

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I promise to post new pictures soon! I just have not taken them off the camera for some time!

Strep throat has been going through our family the last few weeks. First Brayden had something in his ears and throat then Lauren tested positive for strep. She finished her antibiotics and three days later started another course for more strep. Then I finally got it this week. Watch out Jackie, it kind of hurts!

The kids spent a few days in Columbus with their Grandparents and Haley while we went to Colorado for skiing. We are planning on taking them next year. Lauren had a hard time being away from us for 5 days, as she always does, but Brayden didn't miss a beat! But she was great when Aunt Haley was with her! (I think it was kind of hard on Grandma)

Brayden suddenly decided he wants to do homework and is getting his letters figured out. He can write out the "B" "r" and "a" in his name and can fly through the alphabet flash cards. Speech is going well. He goes twice a week at UNK master's program and KPS comes to his preschool once a week. I think he now talks in complete sentences and I can understand most of what he says. He also walks around counting (usually to 15 or 16)and just repeating the numbers. Brayden has been having friends over, it is definitely different than little girls. Lots of running, play fighting, and very loud!

Lauren lost her third tooth in Columbus while we were gone. She is saving all her tooth fairy money separate from her other money. She has her "car savings" at the bank, her piggy bank here, her money she wants to spend but won't spend and her tooth fairy money (that's 4 different places she saves). Other than the tooth money, whenever she gets money she evenly spreads it out between her different accounts! Lauren was invited over to one of her boy classmates house to play games . Evidently these two were very competitive!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:13 pm

Friday, February 05, 2010

I don't think we have taken any pictures this month. Lauren is still awake in bed at 10:00. First it was her DS and now she is going over her math flash cards. Brayden just turns over and goes to sleep. Maybe that is why Lauren is a bear in the morning and Brayden is ready to have a good time!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:03 pm

Monday, January 25, 2010

Received Lauren's Health Report Card from school. She is 48 inches tall and weighs 49.2 pounds. Brayden was sick last week and he happened to be weighed, he comes in at a weight of 38 pounds. Brayden had an ear infection last week and does not mind taking the medicine which is really nice! Lauren finished selling Girl Scout cookies and she has sold a total of 255 cookies. Yahoo!!
Jackie Kohtz | 7:07 pm

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Received Lauren's report card today, she is doing very well in school. Her is what was written in the teacher comments section. "Lauren has made amazing progress in kindergarten. She is so very helpful, is writing very well, and is very likable. Lauren has shown wonderful progress in reading and writing. She continues reading well at Level G. WOW! What a great accomplishment. Lauren is a very quiet person. She is volunteering often and is willing to take part in all classwork when requested. At this time the only thing she can work on is adding coins together. Lauren--I am so impressed with your hard work and reading skills. Keep working hard. Mrs. H."
We went out for ice cream per Lauren's choice since her report card was sooooo good! Brayden continues to like Ben 10, Star Wars, Batman, the list goes on and on. Ryan and I have been playing Star Wars everyday lately. Brayden is also able to count to 14, but will only do it when he feels like it. Lauren joined Girl Scouts this year and has been introduced to selling Girl Scout cookies. Her and I went out last Sunday to sell cookies and she had fun going to houses.
Jackie Kohtz | 6:07 pm

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lauren lost her first tooth yesterday. She pulled it right before bed. The tooth fairy came last night but the bill fell on the floor under her bed with all her squirming. She was quite upset when there was nothing under her pillow but we convinced her the tooth fairy was here!
Ryan Kohtz | 7:28 pm

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I posted two sets of new pictures, lots to look at. We had a fun and exciting December. the kids had their first two snow days and we got a lot of snow. It has been so cold we can hardly play outside. We had Christmas in Columbus kind of early but that was a lot of fun. I put some pictures up of the kids Christmas program up. then we headed to Nashville for a week. That was also a great trip. The kids did great on the 14 hour drive (each way). Lauren and Jackie went to a huge ice sculpture exhibit and we all went the Opryland hotel for their Christmas light display. The kids, ken and I went to Chuck-e-cheese while they shopped and then a movie while they shopped some more. On the way home we stopped at the St. Louis Arch. Brayden loved the ride to the top and Lauren loved the view from the top so that was a lot of fun! Even with that 4 hour stop, we still made it to Omaha just after 10 pm (we left at 7am).

Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 8:21 pm

Sunday, December 13, 2009

OK, I have two new sets of pictures posted. The first set are a few of the photos we ad taken of the kids in early November. We have not seen all of them yet, but so far they look real good. The next set is a few of Lauren turning 6 and some of the kids at the Lincoln Children's museum. We did Christmas in Columbus yesterday since my whole family will be all over the world over Christmas (Switzerland, Nashville, and Colorado). It was kind of ealry but it was lot of fun spending the day with everyone. Haley and Thomas Skyped in for an hour and a half. Almost like they were there. Lauren and Brayden had a great day there with food, sledding, gifts, and walking on the ice. Always fun when Conner and Abby are around! Then today we had the Sunday School Christmas program which Lauren and Brayden were in together. Lauren spoke and Brayden hung an ornament on the tree. They did a great job!

I'll put up more pictures hopefully before we drive to Nashville.
Ryan Kohtz | 7:12 pm

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still haven't re-loaded the software for the pictures. Our baby girl is 6 now! Hard to believe. I think she had a fun weekend, lots of excitement. We had a YMCA party for her and 9 other girls (and Brayden) today. We swam for an hour and then had a giant cookie, followed by time in the game room. Lauren had a real fun time! She also had two separate get-together's with Jackie's family and my family, we even Skyped Haley and Thomas in from Bern. Almost felt like they were here! She does have her first sniffles though since School started so that's a bummer.

I was putting Christmas lights up outside today and I told Lauren I thought they were all white. She was bummed and said Christmas needs lots of color and everyone puts white lights up. As I got into the box though, the lights were red so she was happy. We might add some multicolor lights on our one lonely tree!

Brayden is still all boy. Tonight after he had been in bed for an hour, we heard little footsteps in the hall. He was standing in the corner, sunglasses on, toy gun pointed up, getting ready to storm the room. I couldn't help but laugh. His Mom didn't think it was funny! He also had fun jumping on my outdoor Christmas lights as they lay on the ground. He liked the "pop" sound it made.

Promise to get pictures soon!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:09 pm

Sunday, November 22, 2009

No new pictures yet, the computer crashed and I have yet to get the photo software loaded. Luckily the pictures all safe and mostly backed up. But we do have some good ones to post. So a brief update. Brayden is doing a few weeks of a wrestling class at Kearney High, he seems to like it. Mostly tumbling and rolling around, and a little bit of wrestling. He loves school and doesn't like day care right now. First thing when he wakes up, he asks if he has to go to Jennys followed by a happy Yaaaay (doesn't go) or a sad Awwww (has to go) and then asks about school with the same reactions. He is always so happy in the morning, just up and going in moments.

Lauren has the big 6 coming up this week. YMCA swim party on Sunday with friends and small family parties on Thursday and Saturday. She is doing a great job in school. Listening to her read is so much fun. Her books at the start of the year were so simple and limited in words and now they are sentences and paragraphs with big words. She can tell time now and she has counted to over 200 then tells me how she would count all the way to 1000. I think she could count forever. Guess that's it for now.
Ryan Kohtz | 8:27 pm

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Here you go Aunt Candi, pictures are finally posted.
Ryan Kohtz | 7:34 pm

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lauren is now able to tie her own shoelaces, which means that she now has a pair of tennis shoes with laces. She loves having her new shoes. Brayden also has officially mastered #1 and #2 on the potty. Yahoo! Brayden did say a comment that was funny to us about toileting, "No touch pee pee, no wash hands". We explained to him that is not the way it works and is now good at washing his hands. Also yesterday when Brayden was at preschool in his Batman costume one of the girls in his class came up and touched his "Batman sixpack", he just smiled.
Jackie Kohtz | 8:11 pm

Thursday, October 29, 2009

One of Brayden's favorite sayings is " Bad Mom, Bad Dad". Not exactly our favorite words we like to hear out of his mouth. He likes to use them when he does not get what he wants. Brayden had his preschool Halloween party today and had a lot of fun being batman, will get some of those pictures up soon. This week was the last week for Brayden's soccer, which he really enjoyed! Next plan is swimming lessons. Brayden went to the dentist for the first time today with his Dad or should I say he cried and ran around the hallways. So, he never did get to have the dentist look in his mouth, will try again in 6 months.

School has been going well for Lauren, she recently moved up a reading group which she was happy about since her best friend is in that group. Now that Lauren is spelling out pretty much anything she sees, Brayden now comes up to Ryan or I and says letters to us and we sound them out for him which is really cool to have him do that! Lauren had her first fieldtrip for school and it was to the pumpkin patch outside of Gibbon, it was a little wet and muddy! She had a lot of fun though, I was able to go along on the trip. It has been a long time since I have rode on a school bus and it was Lauren's first time which was really cool for her.
Jackie Kohtz | 8:00 pm

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