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Sunday, October 18, 2009

On our way to church this morning Lauren told us that there are people who don't think God is real, she also said that some people worship things such as statues. She said that she knows God is real! On our way back from church this morning she told us the story she had learn about in Sunday School, which was very cool to hear her tell us. I will have to let the Sunday school teachers know that what they are teaching is being heard. The kids also sang in church today which was cool, since it is the first time they have sung together. Of course it is on video for anyone to watch.
Jackie Kohtz | 5:59 pm

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Surprise Haley, new pictures already! What a great trip to Omaha we had! We went to Vala's pumpkin patch on Thursday, which truly is huge. We were there for hours and never even made it to the actual pumpkin patch. We then went to the hotel and Brayden kind of just chilled in the room with Mom while Lauren and I swam. The kids then bounced around the room for a while and then we woke up and all went swimming again. Next was a trip to the zoo. Brayden could stare at animals forever. He was amazed! They had a very small baby gorilla being held by a lady and he did not want to stop watching. Then the adult gorilla was right by the glass and he did not want to leave. Lauren really wanted to see cheetah's (her class animal) but we missed them, that was a bummer. As much as Brayden could stare, Lauren loved to tell us we had already stared at 10 different gorillas, get moving already! They both had a lot of fun!

Today we went to a birthday party for one of Brayden's classmates and apparent new best friend. They talk about each other a lot! We also watched the UNK homecoming parade and Lauren's last volleyball practice today. It was a busy few days! One thing we noticed with all the driving, Lauren spells out many and most signs and asks constantly what does it spell! Very exciting to see her sponge information but it does get old telling her what every sign, semi, billboard, car, etc says between Omaha and Kearney!
Ryan Kohtz | 9:14 pm

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yesterday Brayden's preschool teacher told me that he likes the clean up song and tries to sing it, but instead of saying "clean up" it comes out "ean up". The interesting part though is that all the other kids started copying Brayden, the goal is for Brayden to copy the other kids not for them to copy him. Guess he is a leader, not a follower.
Jackie Kohtz | 6:48 pm

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow in early October! The kids were really excited and we were outside a lot today. Lauren has been on her fall break last week and she still has another week off, part of her non-conventional calendar. Next week we are going to Omaha for a few days to the zoo and pumpkin patch. That's a nice part of the two long breaks when everyone else is in school! Aunt Haley spent a few days with us, she read to Brayden's class and went swimming with the kids. Real nice to see her! Brayden finished T-ball and has started soccer at the YMCA. T-Ball was fun, he has a natural swing and throw. I think he likes T-ball better than soccer so far, the Y has a lot of kids in soccer so there is a lot of standing around. Brayden has now gone a week without any poo accidents. We bribed him with a star wars toy(new favorite, along with batman)if he went a week and he did it. No more throwing away underwear! And of course Lauren had to get something so she picked out a snuggie, the blanket with sleeves you always see on the infomercials. Lauren is also in volleyball right now. They are doing a good job teaching the basic hitting styles and simple rules. So you may have picked up on all the kids activities. We have dance and gymnastics on Tuesday, followed promptly by T-ball/soccer. Wednesday is church night, dinner and class until 7:30. Volleyball on Saturday and you can usually, literally throw in a school fundraiser or after-school activity somewhere else in the week.
Ryan Kohtz | 7:26 pm

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New pictures are up!! Busy day for Lauren, School, dance, and girl scouts. We switched her dance class and now she is with several friends from school. Girl Scouts also has several girls from her school. She does better when she knows people! Great report from her teacher last night at our first parent-teacher conference. Said she is reading great and a very sweet girl. Brayden still loves his T-ball and school. He goes Tues and Thursday morning to preschool, Wed nite to church, and Sunday School. All in the same classroom so he is very comfortable with it. He won't even say goodbye anymore. Lauren and him are together on Wed nite. She sure likes being with her bro!

The kids finished their half marathon at school. the kids run before school and get to cross the finish line when they get to a cumulative half-marathon. Brayden enjoyed it so much, we let hiim run with his sister. He probably did a mile a day and Lauren up to 2.5 miles in a day, usually around 1.5. Brayden was everyone's favorite, as the youngest most energetic kid there. Somehow, many of the older kids got to know his name and loved cheering him on!

Skype (internet video phone) has been great to stay in touch with Haley. We talk most Sundays and the kids and Haley have played Chutes and Ladders and Sorry Sliders. Lauren and Haley read together and work on her words and letters. We even had lunch togeether one Sunday. Simple and free technologhy is great! It is worth getting a cheap camera for your computer to talk to her!

Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 8:55 am

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Here are some pictures of Brayden's first day of preschool. Now he is excited for school and has lots of fun. This is what we expected, as compared to the "boring" comments. There are also a few pictures from the state fair and Brayden's first t-ball practice. Kind of a whole bunch of kids running around, but there are balls, bats and tee's involved.
Jackie is going to be helping in Laurens class every other thursday starting next week and she is excited for that! Lauren told her today the she will pick out Moms clothes and jewelery whenever she comes to class! And Aunt Haley is going to visit braydens preschool class and read a book to them when she visits from Switzerland next month!
Ryan Kohtz | 7:20 pm

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

So we were watching a few old episodes of flipper the other day. Scared both the kids real good! They had sharks and sunken cars full of bullet holes and all kind of things. Lauren said no ocean for her because she knows there are sharks in the ocean and she also knows no dolphin is going to save her from the sharks like flipper does! Bright kid.

Brayden has had a few accidnets lately but is doing real well with the pee, definately still does not have the poop down yet though. Bummer! He comes home from preschool and just says it was boring. Now he doesn't want to go anymore. So now both our kids cry before we drop them off! Thankfully, 15 seconds after we leave, they both have lots of fun. Lauren has her first round of achievement testing this friday - math and reading. Thank goodness for no child left behind!!
Ryan Kohtz | 11:36 am

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lauren says she has super powers! last night after she had been in bed for a while she called me into her room to show me she can push her over her nightstand with her feet until it almost falls over. Her super powers kept everything on the table.

Brayden has gone 2 days without a diaper now and still no accidents!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:30 am

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow! I didn't realize how bad I have become at getting pictures off the camera. We still had first day of school pictures on it. The 2 new sets of pictures have a lot to see. Lauren's first day of school, Haley and Thomas going home to Bern, the fair and Lauren without training wheels! All very exciting and lots of fun-we had a fun summer!! Also big news this week, Brayden is making great stride towards potty training. Still a a few small accidents (none today!) with the potty and about 50/50 with the poo!
Ryan Kohtz | 7:03 pm

Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally some new pictures are up! We are very bummed out that we did not get any pictures of the kids together or our family dressed up for the wedding. We do have some good ones of them by themselves. Hopefully, the photographer got a few good ones of us all together. I am going to get a flicker account sometime soon so we can link to that for more pictures. Enjoy!
Ryan Kohtz | 7:01 pm

Friday, July 31, 2009

So School has been going well so far! Lauren and I were talking about Haley in Switzerland and how it is dark there and light here. I showed her how parts of the Earth block the sun as it rotates, making day and night. She asked me where the moon is during all this and continued to tell me that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and put a flag there that will be there forever. She then asked if I remember that day because her teacher does. I said I wasn't born yet but she could ask grandpa and Grandma about it. Then she asked about the moon landing "So it was back when Jesus made people?" So much fun talking to her about her day!! She is already learing words and can start to sound them out.

Brayden on the other hand is bummed that his sister is gone now. He was mad the first day of school that he had to leave the classroom and misses her at day care. He starts preschool in August and he is going to love it! Progress continues with the speech, more words and sentences. If you see him, ask a question that he needs to answer, not a yes/no question. I asked him what he did yesterday and if he had fun. He told me he slept, pee'd and no poop! Not sure how he relates that to fun but he did a great job talking back to me!
Ryan Kohtz | 7:49 am

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lauren is in kindergarten now!! Go to the bottom of this page and navigate to page 8 and look at pictures of our baby girl when she was still a baby girl. Hard to believe.

Friday and Monday were half days and today is a full day. Both days so far she has told us some of what she learned. On Friday she told us stars are made of gas and the sun is actually a star. Monday the school nurse came in with glitter on her hands (germs) and touched everything and spread germs. They wash their hands while singning the ABC's. She learned much more stuff but just couldn't tell us everything!
Ryan Kohtz | 7:53 am

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Pictures are up!
Ryan Kohtz | 7:47 pm

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No new pictures yet, the computer and camera are not talking to each other at the moment. Summer is in full swing here and almost over. Lauren starts school July 23rd and we are busy right to that time. We have started waking Lauren up a little early to get ready for that big change. Lits of trips to the pool so far and hopefully many more trips to the lake yet, we will be there at least twice in July. We went to Adventureland in Des Moines last weekend. Lots of rides that the kids enjoyed and the park was calm enough that we could go on the favorites almost without a wait. The froghopper was the favorite for both, it shoots them up in the air and then drops them back down. Mack trucks, planes, boats, motorcycles, bumper cars, tea cups were all hits. The log ride dropped way to fast, the balloons spun us to fast, and the underground rollercoaster was too dark and scarry. The splash park was not much fun but the hotel pools (one had a swim up bar that served a great mango smoothie for Lauren) were a big hit. This experience did teach us we might want to push back our planned March 2010 trip to Disney World back 6 months to a year.

What else is new. Brayden had a real good speech session last week and is talking more. He is even saying a few two syllable words now (mama) and is using 3-6 word sentences. Still not potty trained but that will be in the works again soon. Sounds like the UTI was from him holding back with the pressure to pee we were putting on him. He has loved the pool, sprinkler, slip-n-slide (tore after 3 times) playing ball and helping me build the swing set. Lauren has been busy with itty-bitty beavers class, Kearney parks and rec summer class, private swim lessons, and swimming. She is very excited for school and Aunt Haley's wedding. We took her training wheels off and she could do it with a little help but she kind of stopped riding her bike so I put them back on for a few weeks. I'll take them off again before school starts. She has made a few new friends in the neighborhood and classmates. Enough for today. Check back over the weekend for pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 7:51 pm

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A few pictures of Lauren's dance receital are up. She did three dances, all very cute! We have been to the lake a few times already. Very cold both times but Lauren will not miss an opportunity to swim. The first time in May, she was so cold she was almost purple! So we only swam for about 20 minutes. Brayden caught his first fish. I'll put a picture of that up next time. He was just dangling the worm off the dock and a bluegill came up and got it. A surprise to everyone. Little B has been sick the last week. He had a UTI, very uncommon in little boys. He was not himself for a few days and then he got a fever so we took him to see doc and they confirmed our suspicion. So after about 3 days general malaise and 3 more days of high fever, he broke it and suddenly was himself again. VBS was last week also. Both kids went this year. Brayden missed a few days due to the fever but had a lot of fun when he was there. Of course Lauren had a blast. I'll put some pictures of that up as well.
Ryan Kohtz | 1:00 pm

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

45 new pictures for you to look at! Big day for Lauren today. She had her kindergarten physical and everything is fine. As she was laying down to get her shots she narrated the pain in a perfectly calm voice. First she grimmaced expecting pain and said "that didn't hurt". Second shot came and she said "that didn't hurt either", third shot and she said "that hurt" and fourth was "that really hurt" but no tears! Brayden also had his 3 year check today and nothing really new with him. Usually they give us a sheet with their "stats" but we didn't get it today. Lauren is tall (90%) and weight is in 70%. I think Brayden was mid 50-60's% for height and 70-80% for weight. I'll update these when I get the info. Dr Psota seemed happy with the progression of speech for the little man. He is now using sentences but the words are still 1 syllable. If the word is longer than that, he usually does not complete it but his vocabulary is much larger and he is making progress.

Next for Lauren today was her gymnastics. It was fun to watch as we never get to watch them during the year. She is doing a lot of neat stuff and we really see improvement from last year.

Lots of pictures playing in the water. It seems to be a right of Spring with our kids to play in the rain at least one warm Spring day. Tuesday was pushing 90 degrees so the kids were in the sprinkler. The next night I was watering a dry spot and somehow several other kids ended up in our sprinkler with Lauren and Brayden around 8pm, all fully clothed. Hope no parents were mad at us!

You can see where Lauren gets her desire to pose from. Several pictures of her and Aunt Haley being goofy girls! And of course I had to put in few pictures form the last day of kindergarten. Those are Lauren teachers, Mrs. K and Mrs. B. Brayden will have them next year and he already thinks they are pretty cool!

I will try and add comments to the pictures tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:32 pm

Friday, May 15, 2009

So it has been a while since I downloaded pictures off the camera. There were over 700 pictures so I should delete about 500 of them before I post any, hopefully this weekend yet. Brayden had his birthday party a few weeks ago. He had lots of fun. We went to a place with a whole bunch of inflatable bouncy things and all the kids had a real good time. He was real good playing with all his toys and just keeps adding to the mass of fun n his room. He will go in there and shut the door for hours at a time. We will hear him making shooting sounds, driving sounds, fighting sounds, train sounds and about any other sound a playing 3 year old can make. Lots of fun! He still loves his Thomas the train, has been into soldiers and fighting (Star Wars, transformers, GI Joe). Then he will come out of his room with Lincoln Logs or puzzles and sprawl out over the living room floor.

Lauren finished up soccer and preschool. Soccer was miserably cold this year, only the last day was nice but she has said she is not playing soccer anymore and i don't blame her if she thinks it will always be that cold. School ended the 13th with the kids singing for the parents and then a few hours at the fun center. She was excited to be done but is looking forward to kindergarten, which starts July 23rd already. She is in final preparations for her dance recital June 4th. Stage rehearsals will be coming up as will pictures and more stage rehearsals. Got to give that group credit, they get all they can out of a 5 year old (I personally feel that is just how they get more of her parents money!!). Her final night of gymnastics is next wednesday also. If you are wondering, really no problms with clothes anymore. She is now wearing her bike helmet (it suddenly wasn't to tight when she couldn't ride her bike any more) and only one time did she freak out putting on those shin gards for soccer. Small problem with school though. Kearney public dress code requires two finger widths of clothing over the shoulder so that just about eliminates her entire wardrobe. Looks like we have to go shopping.

What else - Lots of bike riding and scooters, meeting some more people in our neighborhood and the developer just replaced more that half our yard (blowing dirt all winter) so once again no playing in most of the grass. Oh and Brayden has went potty several times and is wearing Transformer underwear. Still having accidents but he hates being wet so it may work this time. Dry through the night also.

Promise I will get pictures soon!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:13 pm

Monday, April 27, 2009

Most of the new pictures are from Craig and Jamie's wedding in Lincoln last week. Thomas showed up as a surprise from Switzerland, so that was fun. We were actually able to get some nice pictures of the kids and even a few of the whole family. Unfortunately, Brayden decided he did not want to stay for the wedding so he and I were out throwing rocks during the vows. But it was a very nice time and of course Jamie, Conner and Abby are great!! We also went to Kidz Explore in Kearney for the first time. Lauren went through about every exhibt but Brayden would rather have just looked at at all the characters there (Diego, etc). Anyway, the kids had a real fun time. It was of course after soccer so it had a to be a freezing cold miserable day for that. We have not had a nice soccer Saturday yet! Only one left somaybe we'll get a nice day!

Lauren had kindergarten round up and she is very excited. She starts July 23rd (its an optional school year). She'll know a handful of people in her class and we know probably half of the families so that will be good. Brayden went in with Jackie for a day at Lauren's preschool. Lauren had fun having Mom and buddy there and Brayden will not have any problems next year when he starts. He is definately our outgoing, life of the party kind of kid.

Lauren's antics with clothes seems to be getting a little easier. Summer clothes of course help and she is wearing dresses again and even some close with straps around the neck. Not much new with Bradyen, except maybe all his new facial expressions can really get us laughing at times. Still a huge Star Wars/Transformers fan. He'll be 3 May 3rd already!
Ryan Kohtz | 6:41 pm

Monday, April 06, 2009

I took Lauren's staple out the other night. We tried during the day and as expected it was very scarry to her and she would not sit still so we told her it would just fall out on its own. So when she went to sleep I pulled it out and she kind of woke but didn't know what was going on. The next morning, we showed it to her and she was so happy that it fell out during her sleep! I made what I thought was a huge fort for Lauren in the basement but she said the one Taylor made at Christmas was bigger and better!

Brayden went up to the front of the church for children's message all by himself for the first time. One of us has had to go with him in the past. He went right up there and sat right next to pastor and no antics this time. He is know of running back and forth to get a drink or a snack. He even folded his hands. Jackie said she was a very proud mommy! Brayden has been playing with his Lincoln Logs a lot lately and has started to make complete houses with very little help! He is our little builder.
Ryan Kohtz | 7:18 am

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I posted some new pictures. Lots of pictures from the Yanney Park and Lauren's first soccer practice/game. The day at the park was a great weather day so we were outside for hours. I took tons of pictures with the new camera. The soccer game was another story, it was so cold and windy. Many girls were crying and Lauren was miserable. But she is very excited that I am her coach.

Brayden pushed Lauren off a chair today at daycare and she hit her head on a table. She needed one staple to close the gash. She did great, she really only cried whe she saw the staple gun and that was over so fast she didn't have time to worry.

Enjoy the pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:15 pm

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