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Monday, March 30, 2009

Lauren had soccer Saturday morning, very cold at 24 degress and windy. She made it through but didn't have much fun! She is our little monster right now when it comes to clothes. Literally all she wants to wear is shorts or cotton pants and t-shirts. Anyting that goes around the neck (dresses) are to restrictive and tight and she will not put them on. Jeans are an abslute NO and winter coats are too big and they "trap" her in her carseat. Lots of fun!!

Brayden is up to 3 word sentences now and is starting to initiate more conversations. So he seems to be progressing a little bit. Jackie was real happy with his last two speech sessions. Funny story about him. Jackie pinched his thigh and called him a chunky monkey. So he gave her that look and said noooo as he pinched his Mom's tummy. Then Sunday in church, Brayden was quietly playing with his toys in his own world. During the sermon, pastor said something to the effect of "Don't you ever pay attention" and Brayden promptly and loudly said "NO" and he got quite a response from those around us.

Check back soon for new pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 9:15 am

Monday, March 16, 2009

So Lauren was watching Dora the Explorer the other day, and she asked Jackie why Dora doesn't know where any of her friends live. She thought it was a little strange they always have to use a map to get to anyone's house! Brayden is getting some letters down. Whenever he sees a "B" he always says "MEEE" and he has been organinzing his magnetic letters into different lines, shapes, colors and so on.
Ryan Kohtz | 9:57 am

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We went to Columbus for Grandpa's birthday and to see Thomas at the end of February. Kids had there first go at bowling, no toes or fingers were hurt! It was a lot of fun watching them, and kind of painful during the second game. Their balls were so slow. Lauren had time to role it, run back get a drink and bite of chips, do a little dance and run back and watch the ball hit the pins! I have that little episode on film, very cute (it ended with her very first strike!!) Brayden's were even slower. He would roll it, sit on his knees and watch until it got closer and then he'd lay down and then finally jump into the air when it hit the pins. Only a few times did we actually have to go push a stopped ball!

Thomas and the kids made all kinds of creations with the legos. If Thomas's career with the family business doesn't work out, I am sure Lego land would hire him! As usuall, the Wii was on constanly.

Lauren's dance class is now preparing for their recital. She is enjoying it more now that they are doing more than just learning steps. She is also done with her Wed nite church class and getting ready for soccer. We have our first parent teacher conference tomorrow and kindergarten round up is coming in April and school starts July 23rd! Crazy how fast this parenting thing goes!!

Brayden has quite the memory these days. Twice now he has wanted a certain food at bedtime (breakfast sausage and an apple) and it was already past snack so I told him he could have it in the morning. So both mornings he went straight from bed to the fridge and brought me the prior nights cravings. He is using more words lately but still doesn't put into much of a complete sentence. Speech has been a bit of a drag for Jackie, feeling like he isn't accomplishing much. But if we look back, his expressive vocabulary has grown quite a bit and he is trying to talk more and more. New this week would be red and home, to name a few. He understands most everything, just still has a hard time saying it. He is also definately combining words. Right now he loves Spiderman movies and Star Wars. The last few nights, Lauren and Jackie watch something like Dancing with the Stars and Brayden and I get to watch a half hour of Star Wars or Spiderman.

Enjoy the pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 6:06 pm

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's start with Brayden this time. He is still our very happy little guy. He wakes up happy and likes to watch a few minutes of tv before he moves to breakfast. He always wants cereal, toast with jelly and milk. Don't try to skip the toast either, or he gets the whole loaf of bread out. He has been making some progress on the potty, at least sitting on it. Still no results but at least he sits there. Unfortunately, he has a habit of getting into the tub, looking at us and laughing as he pees! So he knows what he is doing. His favorite toys are now probably his guns and power rangers. He enjoys coloring a lot more now and does a good job of coloring each object. He also like to draw people, complete with arms, legs, hair and a face. he ususally will draw our entire family. On last thing I can't forget, it is tough to get him in any clothes that are not blue!!

Now for Lauren. She still loves school, they are through most of the letters and she is sounding all kinds of things out. We get all kinds of crafts, which she is always proud of. She can be a bit of a grump in the morning, hard to get moving along. She is not much into breakfast, would rather just sleep. It is going to be tough on her when school starts becasue she could sleep past 8 every day if we'd let her. She likes to play school with us and read to us. She has been maknig a lot of forts and tents lately. Poor little Laurens' knees have been hurting her at night again. She'll wake up crying a few times a night for a few days in a row and I really think she is in pain. It takes a hot pad and motrin to get her back to sleep. I guess thats about it for now. Enjoy!
Ryan Kohtz | 11:52 am

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Lots of fun these past two weeks! We were in Columbus for Christmas on the 19th. We all had a blast! Lauren and Brayden met there newest cousins, Abby and Conner, and had a ton of fun with them. The kids were able to play in the snow and loved all their gifts. Aunt Haley left for Switzerland late that night. We then hung out and played with new toys on Saturday before coming home.

Jackie's entire family was at our house on Christmas Eve and my parents joined us on Christmas Day. It is always exciting to have that many people around for a few days! Lauren, Reeece and Brayden directed Uncle Ed where the reindeer food should go and set a big plate of cookies out for Santa! Santa brought Lauren as High School Musical dance pad and a leapster game and Brayden got a workbench from Santa. Very exciting.

I put a few other pictures up also. You can see Brayden is in a bed now. It was very easy on him. Our cheap rocking chair from Target that has made it since Lauren finally broke and he is not to excited about getting rid of that. Lauren is on break form everything right now. I tell her she should be excited but she just wants to go back to school. Her last day was snowed out so she missed her party and singing for the parents. Very bummed out! They'll make it up next Monday.

Just one more Christmas for us this Saturday, my extended family. That is always fun. Thats it for now! Happy New Year!
Ryan Kohtz | 9:11 pm

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lauren turned 5 Nov 28th. Hard to believe. We were in Columbus on her birthday and had lots of fun. Grandma put her present under one of her trees and Lauren called it her birthday tree. The following week, Lauren had her party at our house. She wanted a High School Musical III pajama party. So we had eleven (yes I said 11) screaming girls at our house for 2 hours in their pajamas. They did crafts and cake and games and had a lot of fun. Good thing uncle Ed was here to help! Brayden fit right in with the girls and would not be excluded!

Lauren had dance and gymnastics tonight and it ws the first time of the year parents get to watch. She is learning a lot more steps than she knew last year and they keep those girls moving fast. Brayden has wanted to sit on the toilet a lot lately, no results yet. But we are going in the right direction. He is moving into his big boy bed after this weekend and he really wants blue underwear!

We are excited for Christmas. Going to Gpa and Gma Kohtz's house this weekend and Jackie's entire family should be at our house over Christmas. Lauren is excited about Santa and Brayden doensn't know what to think. But he has not opened any of the gifts under the tree yet so thats good. Speaking of Santa, Lauren sat on Mrs Clause's lap and talked to her an dSanta for a bit but Brayden would have nothign to do with them. But when santa offered Brayden a candy cane, he sprinted over and grabbed and ran back just as fast. Guess thats it for now. I will try to get pictures up right after Christmas!

Not many birthday pictures. We took pictures with other peoples cameras and for some reason they are not recognized by more software. I don't feel like troubleshooting that right now!
Ryan Kohtz | 7:12 pm

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Lauren was Sharpay from High School Musical and Brayden was the "Spirit of the Tiger" Power Ranger. Both got lots of candy and played long into the night! So that leads us to who they dressed up as. Lauren of course loves the HSM Disney movies and just went to HSM 3 with Jackie at the theater. Lauren says it was better than 1 and 2 and Jackie couldn't stay any longer! Brayden is a power ranger fanatic. He is collecting the action figures and says "haya" when he wants to watch. He will unleash the spirit of the tiger on anyone who challenges him! Needless to say, Lauren has had enough of the power rangers and Brayden enough of HSM and Hannah. Jackie and I, oddly enough, are actually enjoying power rangers. The episodes are quite exciting and make you want to see the next! Ok, sorry about that.

Lauren continues with Preschool and dance. She is starting to sound out words and can figure out what most words start with. She is getting close to counting to 100 and still loves craft time and recess at school. She is very excited about being the star of the class the week of her birthday and even more excited about her pajama party on her birthday!

Brayden is still our little boy. He loves to help me with projects. He scooped an hauled rocks with me several times this week and has helped for at least an hour both times. He doesn't like my saws, drills, air compressors and other loud things. Generally he'll cover his ears and yell at me to stop the whole time I am making noise. He is still in speech therapy for what they think is a develpomental articulation disorder, essentially a delay. We are still somewhat worried he has apraxia, a long term developmental speech condition in which he could take years to begin talking. However, two seperate speech therapists confidently feel he can say enough sounds to disqualify him form that condition. Essentially, he has a very small expressive vocabulary and can not form the words. He generally only speaks in single syllables and still tries to get by with grunts nad gestures. If you see him, try to have him say what he wants and don't give in until he tries. Just say the word he is wanting to say and break it down into its syllables and help him to repeat it. For example, since he started therapy, we have got him to start saying yes, no and more, among other things, instead of his gesture and sign language. Jackie is so good with him on this. He has a large receptive vocabulary so he may get frustrated but he generally tries and wants to say what he wants.

Enough for now. Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 8:11 pm

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I had over 400 pictures on the camera to go through so I have quite a few pictures up. They are in no particular order. I will try and get an update out soon, but for today it is just pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:00 pm

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It has been a long time for me since my last posting. I don't think I have ever gone more than a month. A lot has happened since our last message. We moved into our house on August 15th, right on schedule. We just put down the sod this weekend. Things are fairly well put away but there is still lots of work to be done (an awful lot if you were to ask Jackie!). We still need a few blinds, possibly some new furniture, and we are still waiting to put that first hole in the wall (other than the one's I put in whlile moving or Brayden while playing). The kids both are happy they are not in the apartment. They also like the grass but they are not to thrilled I won't let them on it yet. There are not many little kids right around us so they sometimes miss our old house for that reason. But we have actually had quite a few people over to play lately so I think that has helped.

Lauren started preschool at Holy Cross. She loves it. She has made some very nice art projects and crafts. She love recess when they get to go outside. A firetruck came to their school last week. She has her first field trip to the pumpkin patch coming up. She also has some new friends, something we are happy about. Overall it has been a big success. She hasn't had any issues with us leaving her or carpooling with one of her classmates. She also has done better with dance and Sunday school. Other than that, her schedule is stull full. Soccer on Saturdays, school on Mon, Wed, Fri and dance and gymnastics on Wed afternoon. Soccer has been fun, she is a little coach when she comes home. She kicked the ball for the first time in a game last Saturday. She had been a little timid of getting into the gaggle of girls. I think I have talked about her art class she did this past summer. There a few pictures from her art show posted. She kept her projects a seceret from us all summer.

Brayden started kindermusic class on Wed mornings while Lauren is in school. It is an interactive music class with lots of actions. Jackie says he is enjoying it. She has had fun spending some time with just him, but they are always running between this place and that. He loves the power rangers right now, he could watch it non stop. IF he doesn't know we are watching, he'll do all the actions. Brayden also has started seeing a speech therapist. Early indications say he has a developmental articulation disorder, or basically a delay. Sounds like something he can work himself out if with a little help. She wants us to make him say things instead of us getting what he wants based on a grunt or a point. So far Jackie has him saying a few more things, as simple as yes and no, instead of head shakes. If he can't say a word, he is suppose to sign it. He picks up a new sign real fast. So if you see him, really make him try to say what he wants.

Hopefully the next message will come quicker!
Ryan Kohtz | 7:48 pm

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New pictures coming soon!
Ryan Kohtz | 9:47 am

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We went to the fair and to the lake last weekend. Lots of fun. Brayden started out enjoying the rides but quickly discovered it was more fun to run around and explore. Lauren still had lots of fun on about every ride she could go on. They both liked seeing the animals and petting the rabbits. The clown lady with balloons and the giant icee treats were also a hit.

Both kids were little fish at the lake. Brayden really got in the water this time. In the past, he'd splash around the beach and the little pool. This time he was jumping of the dock and swimming all over the place. Lauren is also improving in the water. She was jumping of the dock and swimming with and without a lifejacket. Both also wanted me to drive fast on the wave runner. Lauren even wanted me to make her fall off but I'm not sure she is ready for that just yet. We realized over 2 days the TV wasn't on for more than a few minutes, we all had a real good time!

Lauren starts preschool in a few weeks! Dance and soccer will be starting as well in September. She has an "art show" next week for her summer long art class at a ladies house. She will not tell us the projects she has been working on.

Brayden is saying more sounds and the first sound of more words. He is trying and we are seeing some gains but he still gets frustrated. He said purple the other day. He knows many colors, shapes etc but just can't say the entire word usually. He did LOTS of puzzles with grandpa last weekend and now is doing more with us. Grandpa said he was good and he really is. He can figure out how the piece snaps in and can sometimes even pick out the correct piece. He is also our little dancer. His head will stop bopping and then the rest of him will go. If he sees us watch, he puts out his hands in the stop gesture and tells us no and quits dancing until we are not watching him. He really likes the wiggles, blues clues, and anything with cars and trucks. We want to get him into a kindermusic class this fall. He also loves watching the big earth moving machines work behind our house.

The next post will be from the new house in 9 days. It is very close to done, just a little more paint and carpet and that is about it. We are very happy about the final product and ready to get out of this tiny apartment!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:06 pm

Friday, July 25, 2008

We were in Omaha last weekend. Friday we went to the Zoo, it was a good time. Brayden looked at every animal we showed him and he never got bored. he really liked the monkeys/apes and the cat complex. We were kind of surprised that he didn't care much for the aquarium. lauren also had a real good time. She mostly wanted to ride the train and had fun doing that. She was a slittle sad we didn't go into the butterfly exhibit becasue of the long lines. After we left the zoo, we were hit a minor car accident so now Lauren says to drive slower all the time.

jackie wasn't feeling well yesterday and Lauren was a great help. She brought her Mom water with a straw and offered her food. She would go check on her and even offered to walk on her back after Jackie said she needed a massage. Quite the little helper. I will get some pictures up soon.
Ryan Kohtz | 7:45 am

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We went to Columbus over the fourth of July. Kids had lots of fun. Lots of swimming and fireworks. Brayden was worried at first but enjoyed them once he was use to them. Kids are a little pent up inside the apartment this summer. Lauren misses her friends and they both miss playing outside as much as we use to. We take possession August 15th so there is an end in sight. The pictures of the house are from the last week of June. Since then, the walls have been primed and wood floors are going down now. I put all the tile down and the bricks are finished outside. So it is taking shape. We are planning a trip to the zoo next Friday, hope the kids have fun!
Ryan Kohtz | 8:46 pm

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Busy summer for the kids so far, mostly lauren and brayden tags along. Lauren finished her dance recital, she did wonderful. Grandpa and Grandma came up to watch her dance. Then she started an art class every Friday through the summer. She loves that but the project they are working on is a surprise. Last week she went to itty bitty beaver camp for 4 days. The did paddle boats, swimming and hiking at cottonmill park. Now she is taking swimming lessons. She also did a week of VBS in there somewhere also. It is good she is busy or else she would have to sit on our tiny apt! Brayden does more driving around with his sister. He is still to young to do most of these thing but there are a few fun little activites we are looking into for him. He still loves his cars and trucks and books. He knows most all the characters in Cars and trys to watch that movie every day. He is learning his colors. He still isn't talking much but he can say blue and pick out green red and yellow if I ask for a color. He had said Dad before but kind of stopped. On Fathers day, he saw me and started saying dada so that was fun. We think he also has a word for Grandpa. Right now, he loves to take movies in and out of the DVD player, which as you can imagine is not a good thing. Other than that, the pool and parks are popular this summer.

The house is coming along, they have siding up and are working on bricks and the porch. Inside, it has kind of slowed down a bit. They are suppose to start sheetrocking this week so it should start moving again. We have a closing date of Aug 15th and he says he will have no problem meeting that.
Ryan Kohtz | 8:02 am

Sunday, June 08, 2008

We have had a little excitment since our last posting! On May 29th, a tornado removed much of the roof decking from our apartment. We were not there because Lauren felt very strongly that we needed to be in a basement and the bottom floor of our complex did not calm her down. So right when the sirens went off, we drove a few blocks away and got into a basement. As we were coming home, the fire dept was in front of our complex tending to the demolished clubhouse and we quickly saw only trusses above our apt. I removed most of the photos, videos, computer, etc before the fire dept said I could not go in. Then after they left (still not allowed to go in) I went back and got a lot more stuff. We moved all the furniture the next day with a lot of help and had to hurry right along at the end due to the sheetrock starting to collapse. Our bedroom set will be replasced and another chair, along with lots of small things. You may have seen Jackie on several Lincoln/Omaha channels and a big write up in the Kearney Hub. Long story short - the thought of losing most everything was very scarry for a while, but when it all settled, we did not lose much.

Lauren had her dance recital last week. Very fun, she was adorable. Lots of questions about tornados from her. Brayden has had some fun with friends this summer, he likes the little pool and splash park. Right now he thinks he can eat nonstop all morning long. He keeps going to the fridge to get whatever he wants, whenever he wants so we are working on the snacking problem. At least he still prefers fruit and yogurt most of the morning. We are going to the lake next weekend so the kids should have fun.

The house should have seetrock starting this week so it is still moving along. Mid August is still the move in date.
Ryan Kohtz | 6:19 pm

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jackie and I went to Nashville for Taylor's graduation last week. The kids stayed at Grandpa and Grandma Kohtz's place. We had a real nice time but both us and the kids are glad to be home. I think Lauren and Brayden had a fun time. Lauren had her gymnastics recital last week. That was lots of fun to watch, they had all ages going at once all over the gym so we could watch all kinds of things. Lauren is a lot better at her cart wheels, among other things. Next week is the dance recital, complete with hair, makeup, tutu and paid admission.

We think Brayden is starting to say more words but we may be the only ones to recognize them. He says blue correctly, stop, no, snack, more, mama. But when he still wants something fast, he has mastered the ability to tell youwhat he wants without words. Both kids are doing ok in the apt. Brayden won't go to bed or naps easily anymore. That was always his thing so hopefully he gets that back soon.

The house has stalled out for more than a week now. They are waiting to get shingles on it so the electrician, plumber, windows etc can all get started but we have had a ton of rain. There is 2 inches of water in the basement right now. As soon as the ground dries out, it will get moving again. Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 8:36 pm

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finally, some new pictures. This is about as long as I have gone without posting. Most importantly, Brayden had his second birthday May 3rd. Since we had to move the actual day of his birthday, we had a party for him with family and friends the week before. We all had a great time and Brayden had a lot of fun.

On Brayden's birthday, we moved into an apartment! We did go to Applebee's with Bruce and Patty and all the kids that evening and they sang happy birthday to Brayden so that was fun. Brayden's 2 year well check put him at 30 lbs (80%), 35 1/2" (75%) and 52 cm head Circ (>97%) so he is a solid little boy. Otherwise he is healthy little boy. He is still not talking much at all. We had him evaluated and he has normal receptive speech, but delayed expressive speech. Since all other markers of development are normal, they tell us not to worry and he will talk when he is ready. He does get frustrated not being able to communicate all the time and unfortunately, he takes it out on his sister a lot. These past few days we have seen his coloring improve. He is now coloring certain parts of a picture instead of just scribble. He now says more also. He still loves cars, trains, legos, and books.

Lauren misses her friends. She had been playing with some neighbor kids almost daily so that is hard on her. Luckily she has daycare friends. We get her some play dates again real soon. The kids are doing alright in the apt. They have to sahre a room and are a little confined inside but there is a park real close and our garage has all their outside toys so hopefully it will be a bareable summer for them.

Pictures show the progress on the house. After all the rain during the digging, it is now moving along. The roof starts to go up on Monday. Hopefully the framing will be done in a week or so. Think we will be in the apt at least through August. The builder tells us 120 days from digging so taht puts us in it August 15th. We'll see. Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 9:48 pm

Thursday, April 10, 2008

We went to the Wiggles concert last week. They were actually in Kearney, very exciting. Brayden was very serious. At home he will dance and be crazy when he watches them, but he just stared for most of the entire hour and half show. He finally started to dance for the last 2 songs then he was sad when it was over. Lauren had fun but the genuine excitement didn't match the level of the 2006 Wiggle concert we went to. She still enjoys the Wiggles but it is not something whe would pick out to watch anymore.
The other set of pictures is the kids playing outside. That kind of sums up their relationship. Brayden bullies his way into most that she does and Lauren is almost defenseless against him. Brayden is probably stronger than she is and he is definately more aggressive. If things are not going his way, he can push her buttons just right. But if he makes Lauren sad, he still stops to hug her. They do care for each other a lot, we can see it how they always play together and cuddle up at certain times.
Under the March 16th posting, I said we start construction in 3-4 weeks. Well that is now here and no hole in the ground yet. Rain has postponed our dig for at least 2 weeks now. Hopefully next week. Thats it for now, enjoy the new pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 8:06 pm

Thursday, April 03, 2008

We had a real nice Easter. The pictures shoe the kids in their outfits and looking for Easter eggs. Lauren has been stuck on death since Easter. All kinds of questions about Jesus and heaven and so forth. Then she'll start crying a say she doesn't want her or us to die. Brayden had fun looking for eggs, his sister was a little faster though.

We have been playing a lot outside lately. Brayden still loves walks but Lauren still looses interest about a block away from home. Not much more for news right now.
Ryan Kohtz | 1:46 pm

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I have not been good at posting lately! So what's new these days. We'll start with lauren this time. She is done with swimming and she is now practicing for her dance recital in May. She loves to hide from us, if we leave the room, she will be hiding. When we come home, she will be hiding. If we are in the bathroom when she wakes up, she will be hiding. You can't ignore her either because she will stay perfectly quiet under her bed for 20 minutes until we find her. I guess it's kind of fun but I miss the "Daddy, Daddy, your home!" hug and kiss! She is learning a lot in Sunday School and has lots of fun with her teacher, Miss Jo! She also has her next several birthday parties planned. She had princess and cheerleader parties already, so now its High School Musical, Hannah, and swim parties next.

Brayden is still our little boy. He loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses. Then he will swing at you (usually in fun) just as fast. Last week he figured it was ok to hit us on the leg if he patted it and say "ohwee", then hit again and repeat! He finished up swimming as well, he will now blow lots of bubbles in the tub. His favorite coat (the only one he will wear) is the bomber coat Gpa and Gma Kohtz bought for him, its probably two short but he will wear it until summer I am sure. He is really into cars and trains and loves to make all the sounds. He was driving Lightning McQueen on the walls tonight.

Both the colds are pretty much wrapped up again. We have done great this winter with illness, only a few colds, other than Lauren's RSV and minor pneumonia. Nothing that knocked any one out for more than a few days. We went to Omaha for OT seminar last week and stayed at a hotel. It was lots of fun right until bed time when Brayden DID NOT want to stay there. He was carrying his coat and shoes and basically cried himself to sleep. That night altered our plans to drive the whole family to Nashville (15 hours) to now just Mom and Dad flying (Thanks Gpa and Gma Kohtz!!!)

Thats about it for now, enjoy the pictures! Oh, we sold our house and start construction on the new one in 3-4 weeks.
Ryan Kohtz | 8:01 pm

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