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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally some new pictures. Valetines day last week. Lauren had a party at church school on Wed nite and at daycare on Thursday. She was very excited to have her parties. We had some sickness last few weeks. Lauren was positive for RSV again but her lungs didn't get as bad as the last two times so no hospital. She weighed in at 38 lbs. As you would expect, Brayden had a cough the next week but he did not have to stay home so it wasn't to bad. He weighed 28 lbs, Lauren was 29lbs at her 3 year check. Still no flu in our house this year. In the last post, I said the wiggles will be in Council Bluffs, well now they are going to be in Kearney on April 8th so that makes it easier on us. Lauren had so much fun the last time we saw them. Lauren is into hiding now. The last set of pictures shows her in one of her hiding spaces. She will always go and hide when one of us comes home and Brayden will always open the door to the garage and come see us. Brayden still likes to help us cook in the kitchen. Last nite we saw him standing on the edge of the couch with pillows on the floor. He jumped head first right as we saw him. Of course he landed head first and did a real good bend to the neck. Luckily he got up and tried to do it again. Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 10:45 am

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The kids started swim lessons last week at the YMCA. Lauren is on her own again and doing great. Ever since last summer, she has no fear of the water. Brayden also had lots of fun. He sticks his face inthe water constantly. Lauren is sucking her thumb a little again. She tries to hide it from us and sneak a suck here or there, we hear it a lot at night. Her thumb is almost raw again, it never completely healed from the callouses she had last time around. We took the gate off the stairs last week. Brayden has been real good at the steps but it was nice to contain him. He has changed his bedtime routine a little. He will now sit in bed for sometimes an hour, just turning pages on his wiggles book. If we look at him and he sees us, he lays down real quick and pretends to sleep, then gets back up and keeps reading. Speaking of the wiggles, they will be in Council Bluffs in April, planning on going to that. Brayden still loves to get out all the pots and pans and make big messes. He is real brave also these days. The other day he was standing on the top of the couch and of course he fell onto the lamp. He also picked up a pot sitting near the entry up with a grunt and threw it onto the tile. He was sad when it broke into 50 pieces. Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 7:26 am

Monday, December 31, 2007

These are some of our Christmas pictures from the last few weeks. We had a real nice Christmas break, although I am not sure when it becomes a break. We were in Columbus from Fri-Mon morning and had a very nice time with my entire family. Sunday was extended Kohtz cousins Christmas with 49 people. Then we went to Omaha until Wed afternoon and had a wonderful Christmas there.

The kids both had a real good time. Brayden was able to really get into the gifts this year; he would open one and go to the next. Of course we would have to direct him away from the new toy occasionally so he could go onto the next gift. He still loves being with the boys. Grandpa is still his favorite but Uncle Craig actually gave him a run for his money. And Uncle Bill is always good at getting a giggle out of him. He even warmed up to Ken and Taylor after a little while. Happy to say that Lauren was not able to decide who she had more fun with, Haley or Mackenzie. She really looks up to both of them and just loves to play with them.

We always have cute stories to write about the kids but I can never remember them when I sit down. Brayden is still not saying much. He is mostly a screamer. He points and says “that” or “whats that”, along with a handful of other words and makes certain sounds for things like dog. He is still a great sleeper, at least going to bed. He enjoys his books, legos and pushing things. Cool thing now is watching him connect Thomas the train cars. Bradyen has also learned many of his body parts. He is good with head, mouth, nose, tummy, ears, feet and others. Lauren was much younger when she learned these, I think Brayden just did not want to waste time on something like that when he could be running!

Lauren is still our little Lauren. She has been into playing computer games. She can now get on the internet and find the PBSkids bookmark and get to the games, play them and close them out. A bit if a problem now that she knows the print button and likes to print off the most colorful pages. She is totally into barbies and most things girl. She starts back up with dance and gymnastics next week, and both start swim lessons in January. She loved what Santa brought for her this year, but she would not tell him herself what she wanted. She will tell you that Dad told Santa what she would like. Lauren was also very concerned about being naughty or nice before Christmas.

Enjoy the pictures! I just backed up 2007 pictures onto a DVD, turns out we took 3407 pictures, mostly of the kids. Good thing for computers!
Ryan Kohtz | 12:48 pm

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I put a few new pictures up, some of Laurens gym class and her Christmas Program. The kids have also played outside quite a bit. We are headed to Columbus for a few days tomorrow and then off to Omaha after that. Look for more pictures after Christmas. Merry Christmas.
Ryan Kohtz | 11:24 am

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some new pictures are up, mostly of Laurens birthday. Grandma and Grandpa Kohtz came to town and we went to Laurens favorite restaurant, Applebees. Then the girls went to High School Musical on Ice, they really enjoyed it. On Saturday, Lauren had 4 Kearney Catholic cheerleaders over for her party. They taught a cheer, did a craft, sang happy birthday, and even bought her a gift. The girls really enjoyed it, but were a little quiet while the cheerleaders were here. Once they left, it suddenly became very loud!

Jackie and I were able to watch Laurens dance and gymnastics class this week. They are usually closed to parents. She is doing an excellent job. She is learning a bunch of dance steps and works on most all the gymnastic apparatus all ready. She is very good on the balance beam and crossing the high bar. We also signed her up for pre-school next year.

Brayden is still a handful for us. His favorite activity is pushing a chair up to the counter, grabbing a pot and a cooking utensil, some food (milk, flour, cereal, whatever) and mixing it all together. He may do this several times a day if we are not watching constantly. While this may sound cute, it has gone beyond that for us! He has also been stacking blocks and boxes and seriously working at it until he completes it, then he knocks it over and starts again. Today he spent an hour putting legos together. Thomas the train has been a huge hit for him. He has been working the magnets and making a very long train to drive all around the table. He is also a singer and dancer, especially to the wiggles or Hannah. Tonight, while I was changing his diaper and putting on the pjs, he escaped and climbed up onto the downstairs play table, naked, and did a little dance for all of us to see. He was so proud of himself! This is the same table and chairs he discovered stuff rolls off of real nice. If you put something on it and flip the table over, and the chairs, whatever is on it goes flying. He likes to do that also. Guess that is it for now, enjoy the pictures.

Craig says any open quotes mess up the code and deletes the entry, therefore this entry is gramatically not correct!
Ryan Kohtz | 1:35 pm

Monday, November 26, 2007

Some new pictures are up. Brayden has been pushing chairs all over the kitchen to get where ever he wants. He has fallen over backwards on those chairs several times also, but it doesn't stop him. He started climbing steps by walking and holding onto rails. He really likes the wiggles right now. He will dance his little funky dance by pointing his fingers in the air and bouncing around (Some say he looks like his Uncle Ed!). He is just all boy right now, rough, dirty and lots of excitement and trouble.

Lauren is still our little sweetheart these days. The other day she told Jackie that "you and Dad make me do everything." She has turned a little clingy again, crying a few times when we drop her off at dance or Sunday School but she gets over it real fast.

We went to Jackie's Aunt and Uncles place near Butte for deer hunting. All three permits were filled! The kids had lots of fun riding in tractors to feed the cows. Brayden pushed around the Tonka trucks so much they us take one home! Lauren was real excited to go "exploring with Dad" in some of the places we hunted. She loved going down into the ravines and looking at, of all things, the cow poop. Jackie was able to spend some time at the original homestead house of the Zeisler family and at the cemetary where several of them are buried. The kids went to Grandma and Grandpa Kohtz's for Thanksgivng. Mom and Dad both had to work all day. Thats about it for now, Laurens birthday is the 28th and she is very excited!
Ryan Kohtz | 5:06 pm

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Last nite was Halloween and the kids had fun. Jackie took them up and down the neighborhood for proabably an hour. Lauren also had lots of fun handing out the candy and watching the costumes come to our door. Brayden figured it out real fast that if he went to the door, he would get candy. Lauren was Dorothy, complete with red shoes, and Brayden was a Lion.

Brayden is starting to talk a little more. He now says hi and bye on ocassion. He says Mom of course but is starting to use Dad more. When he really wants something, he will still yell MOM regardless of who he is talking to. He has said dog followed by a barking sound. He is also talking a lot more gibberish with more sounds and syllables. Brayden is really into the play kitchen downstairs and bringing people trays of food. He will usually play nice for a while then decide he is going to throw everyhting on the floor, microwave included.

Lauren is now going across the monkey bars all by herself. She picked that up after going across the bar at gymnastics. She has had lots of neighbor friends over to play on her swingset and she really enjoys that. Scooby-doo is still her bedtime tv show, for some reason she just loves it. Then she goes to her bedroom and we do 2 or 3 puzzles and she flips through the pages of one of her princess books. She has a nice bedtime routine right now. Jackie and Lauren do "homework" during Brayden's nap and Lauren is picking up a lot. She will recognize letters all over town and tell us which is a number or letter. She is also doing a great job of coloring, picking out appropriate colors and staying in the lines.

Enjoy the new pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 11:10 am

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We have some cute new pictures up, two sets actually. But first, let me thank Uncle Craig for some changes to the site. You can now find these pictures at http://kids.kohtz.org (the old address will work for a while) and no more guestbook. We were just getting to many unwanted postings. Anyway, thanks a bunch Uncle Craig!

Lauren went to Libby Lou's at Younkers in Omaha. She had her hair, nails and makeup done and then learned her favorite dance. She had lots of fun and had to keep her hair done up for a few days. Since the last message was so much about Brayden, I'll try to come up with a few Lauren things. When she talks about the past she refers to it as "a time ago we did..." Kind of cute. She called her brother a "cranky tornado" and referred to herself as a "whiny princess." I hope niether of those stick around long! She loves her barbies right now. She actually says she has enough barbies, but she wants more boys, boy clothes, cars, van and a camper like Aunt Haley's. (Not sure she gets the concept of enough!) She is just really growing up. We have a funny story about Brayden. I was busy in the other room and the kids were playing in the living room. I heard Lauren scream and cry which usually means Brayden pulled her hair or something beyond just taking her toy. So they both came to me, Lauren in tears and Brayden with his usuall smug look. I told Brayden to go into time out and his face kind of dropped and he walked out. Sure enough, when I checked on him a minute later, he was sitting in his timeout spot. Then he gives a hug and is free to go his way. Timeouts are very serious to him, he instantly gets sad and sits real quiet until we come get him out. He will even sit there while we are cooking, and generally nothing keeps him from watching us cook. Its only a matter of time before he grows out of that. With Lauren, about the only discipline that works is taking away her toys or purse.

We went to the pumpkin patch with Bruce and Patty Kohtz and kids. It was 93 degrees and 40 mph winds on Oct 6, we all had a real good time. Although it took a few baths to get the dirt out of Brayden's ears.

Enjoy the pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 4:18 pm

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The kids sure are growing up. Hard to believe Brayden is almost 17 months old. He has been a great little boy for us lately. What's he doing these days. He loves to climb the playground steps and go down the slides over and over, he even like the merry-go-round (sorry about the time I let him fly off!). He can sit in the swing forever as long as Lauren isn't pushing him. He loves to snack right now, a little to often. We are working on that one. At bed time, he and Lauren are watching Scooby-doo and he is almost mesmerized as he puts pretzels and gold fish in his mouth one after the other. Then we just take him to bed and lay him down with his pillow and blanket. He usually starts his music box and lays awake, quietly for 10-15 minuted before he falls asleep. Very nice! Morning, however, isn't the greatest. If he wakes at all early (before 7:45) he cries and is mad for a little while. Its even hard to get him out of the crib. He still loves to go for walks and play in the front yard. He has learned it's fun to the throw balls into the street and watch them roll and Dad give chase. He is still not talking quite like his sister was at his age. He only regularly uses a few words, but he understands quite a few and can follow commands. Lauren is loving Dance and gym. She zips right across the balance beam. She always comes home and gives us a show. Enjoy the new pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 3:47 pm

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New pictures of our last time to the lake for the year and some pictures of Brayden with Grandpa and the Stearman. Lauren started dance and gymnastics last week. She loves going to class, any kind. She goes to Sunday School, Wed nite church school and dance so she keeps busy. The first pictures are in her favorite dress, her white "wedding" dress. Brayden is still our little bugger. He definately has a look of impending mischchievous behavior! He still loves to cook with us and drags pots and pans to us when he is ready to start. He also, finally, really enjoys reading books. He would never sit still enough and would throw the books but now he is very interested in the pictures and story. Enjoy!
Ryan Kohtz | 4:19 pm

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lot has happened since our last message. We had lots of fun at the fair, Lauren was non-stop. We went with friends and had a real good time. Notice all the rain in some of the pictures. We got like 6 inches in less than 2 hours and the kids loved the lake in the back yard. The grass still has not recovered but Oh well! We went camping at Mahoney with Grandpa and Grandma Kohtz, Haley and the Roptes. The kids had lots of fun but it was soooo hot, thank goodness for AC in the campers. We did the water park and playgrounds. Brayden's biggest surprise was how much fun he had on the indoor playground, the kind with tunnels and bridges going up and all over the place. He was fearless, climbing all the way to the top with nothing below him but a small bridge and a net on the sides. Lots of fun! Some of Lauren's favorite sayings these days are "do I like gorgeous?" and "Is that a good deal?". She comes up with some real cute sayings. She is just really growing up. She has been real good with her brother, actually quite the helper. She loves to wear dresses and her jewelery. Brayden had his 15 month appt last week. He was 50% for height (30.25 inches) and weight (25.2 lbs)and greater than 97% for head. He is doing great. He is definately telling us what he wants and shakes his head yes and no. He is understanding a lot more. He's drinking from a straw and going down staris. He loves to stand at the bathroom sink and brush teeth. Enjoy the pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 10:01 pm

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Brayden has had quite a few firsts last week. He now says "nack" for snack when he wants food. He blew kisses and ate with a fork (stabing food and putting into mouth). He also went down stairs backwards for the first time and he is also beginning to want just one nap a day. Lauren and Brayden have been playing together a lot lately. They are good for a little while but one usually ends up crying. Lauren has taken to comforting her brother. She is great at sitting on the floor and hugging him as she says "it's ok little brother, don't cry" over and over. It actually calms him quite well. Went to a wedding and swimming at the lake last weekend. Brayden may be getting another tooth, lots of slobber and diapper rash. I think he has 12 now, 6 up and down. Enjoy the new pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 9:02 pm

Friday, July 06, 2007

It has been a busy summer for us so far. Lauren finished her 2 week swim lessons. She has always had fun in the water but the lessons seemed to make her even more comfortable. She'll get her face wet without thought now and can float on her back. Brayden is still fearless in the pool. Lauren really enjoyed the fouth this year. We watched or did fireworks 3 nights and she wanted more each time. Brayden wasn't afraid of them, he just didn't really care. He would rather play. Brayden is now walking and only rarely crawls. He is still a little unstable but he is getting faster. Brayden can say Mom, Dad, and dog but he is rather indiscriminate with the use of Mom. He opened a Clifford book today and said dog over and over. Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 2:54 pm

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Last Wednesday, Brayden took his first steps and now can go from sit to stand without support. He'll be walking soon, feels like we are loosing our baby! Finally got some hot weather and have the pool out. Both kids love it, Brayden has no fear. Hopefully we'll get back to the big pool again soon. Lauren started Vacation Bible School tonight. She was very excited about that. Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 8:33 pm

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Finally, some new pictures. We went to Nashville to visit Candi, Ken and the kids last week. We had a real good time, thanks Harm's family. Lauren loved the plane but as expected, Brayden had issues sitting that long. Other than our trip, not much new going on lately. Brayden took his first step yesterday. He is walking behind toys and holding hands but he won't try it on his own yet. His vocabulary is growing. He now uses mama and da da appropriately. He has been saying mama and da for quite some time but know he is definately refering to us. Still trying to get him to make a sound for sis. Otherwise, just lots of baby babble. He is biting us a little bit more lately. We understand it is his only defense against Lauren but he is going to have to stop because it hurts! Lauren is starting VBS soon, she is very excited about that. We also told her when we came home from TN, we could put out the pool, but it has been in the 60-70's so that hasn't happened yet. 3 year old's just don't get that its too cold!!
Ryan Kohtz | 11:03 pm

Monday, May 07, 2007

I posted new pictures of Lauren in the Hospital and Brayden's birthday. Mommy brought Brayden and cup cakes to the hospital on his actuall birthday so Lauren could sing him happy birthday. He visited a few short times and they were always happy to see each other. On Saturday, we had family over for lunch and cake. Brayden had a good time crawling on his gifts and making a mess of his cake. Brayden had his one year appt today. He is 20% for weight (20lbs 8oz) for boys his age (we were surprised, he seems bigger to us) and 50% for height. His head is still greater than 97%, as is true for both kids at all age intervals. For some reason, we grow children with big heads! Lauren also had her follow up visit today, she is good to go. Lauren had to miss her first dance recital on Saturday, but she was able to dance once at an assisted living place here in town. Enjoy the new pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 9:22 pm

Friday, May 04, 2007

No pictures this time, just an update on Lauren. She came home today before lunch and was very happy. She was in the hospital from Monday through Friday. By the end of the week, it was getting hard to keep her entertained and isolated in her room. She was giving the nurses a real hard time last night! Lots of fun to watch her scream down the hallway and push the call button only to hide. She was one of only 2 kids at the time so they had plenty of time to play with her. Brayden was definately happy to have her home. He spent an unusuall amount of time at day care last week.
Ryan Kohtz | 10:28 pm

Monday, April 30, 2007

Its been an unfortunate last 10 days for us. Jackie's Mom passed away on April 21st. We were just starting to get back into the swing of things and then Lauren was put in the hospital today for RSV and pneumonia, very similar to what happened to her in Dec 05/Jan 06. It got her real quick this time, she was playing and having fun last night. By this morning, she wasn't doing so well. This time she only has oxygen, no IVs. Her Mommy is with her and Daddy is home with Brayden. Other than that, she has been great. Lots of fun so far this Spring. She loves to ride her new bike and her imagination always surprises us. Hopefully she can make it to her dance recital next Saturday. She is very good at her little routine. Brayden continues to be our little boy, in every sense of the word. He is still a little tornado and wants everything that sister has. His only defense against her seems to be biting! Luckily he has only done that twice and only to her. He is talking a lot more. He has used Mama several times to get her attention. In the van, her got Mama to give him more crackers after she said he had had enough, simply by saying Mama. He also said Dada and several other sounds. Say a prayer for our little Lauren.
Ryan Kohtz | 10:29 pm

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Brayden has started talking more. He was a little slow to start. He mostly says I-I-I-I and a few other sounds, still no mamama or dadada but he is starting to make the sounds at least. He's been a bit on the cranky side lately, hope its just the new tooth. Brayden has enjoyed being outside playing in the grass and bike and stroller rides. Lauren continues to keep us busy. She still loves her kitchen, not really into any particualr disney princess right now, mostly just wants to play. She is enjoying her dance class. They almost have their routine down. Enjoy the new pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 9:14 pm

Saturday, March 17, 2007

We've had a few warm days and the kids love being outside. Brayden went in the bike trailer for the first times and he really enjoyed it. Lauren wasn't crazy about it when we first got it, but now she likes it. Brayden is also very content in the stroller, something Lauren still can't do for very long walks. Brayden has abandoned the army crawl and is now only on hands and knees. He has also started walking behind the push toys. He still isn't saying much. He also is now mostly on table foods. We can only get so much in him with the spoon, he just prefers to feed himself. Luckily he will eat about anything.
Ryan Kohtz | 8:33 pm

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