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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Brayden is our little tornado. He makes his rounds through the house and leaves a trail of destruction, much to big sis's dismay. Usually in the evening, he makes a round trip of the basement, messing up Lauren's kitchen, then to the little people area, and then to the Thomas the train area. When he's done, he makes his way back to Mom, maybe stopping a few more toys along the way. Upstairs, it's Lauren's room he loves to tear apart. Brayden pulled himself to standing last week for the first time. Lauren finished her YMCA gym/dance class and is signed up for a "real" dance class where they actually learn steps. She is very excited for this to start. She's been into finger paints and playdough lately. She is ready for summer and getting back outside. She's having a few sharing issues lately and seems to be over her most recent, all out temper tantrum phase. Enjoy the pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 9:48 pm

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It has now been at least a month since Lauren has stopped sucking her thumb! One day we both kind of noticed she wasn't doing it anymore (maybe a little while she's sleeping) and she hasn't done it since! She learned the B-I-B-L-E song at church school and loves to sing that. She is definately back into the wiggles and the Princesses are on the back burner right now. Brayden had his nine month appt last week, everything went fine. He is just under 20 lbs (25% for boys his age) and 75% for height. His head is off the charts as far as brains go (did I say that? I meant size!) but he and big sis have always had big heads. Brayden is still an army crawler, he will start on his hands and knees, take a few crawls, then go back to the belly. He is eating a lot more now (eggs, cheese, cereal, meats, etc)and drinking a bottle or 2 less a day also. Big news would be he is sleeping way better after we just plain stopped getting up at night and let him cry. He now mostly sleeps from 8pm to 7am. Lauren did this by 2.5 months, we attribute the difference to her thumb, Brayden has no security thing. Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 2:32 pm

Monday, January 22, 2007

I decided to add another album of just fun in the snow so there are two new postings up. We are going sledding tomorrow!
Ryan Kohtz | 10:17 pm

Lauren started a very basic dance class last month at the YMCA and will start learning actual steps in March at the next class. She has had lots of fun in the snow and like's to help Dad scoop. She said she'd share her room with a little sister (not sure about that yet). Lots of very detail/observant oriented comments lately, like Mommy and Brayden have the same color of pants on and Daddy and me have same color of pants on. She correctly said we were on the way to Leah's house (she had only been there once 2 months ago) on her way to the YMCA for dance. We can really tell her mind is paying attention. She still loves to play kitchen and Brayden will crawl over and open all of her bottom drawers, then keep crawling to his Little Peoples village. He is all over the place now, still an army crawler. We had to put the gate back up. He can pull himself up and Lauren still makes him laugh the most. Brayden entertains himself a lot more now that he is mobile. One of his favorites is to crawl to the book case in the living room and then wait for us to open the case up. He'll then climb up and get a handfull of books out and mess with them. We have to be careful though, because he likes to eat paper, especially Lauren's Dora books! Enjoy the new pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 10:14 pm

Saturday, January 06, 2007

New pictures of Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Kohtz's house from last week are up. The kids had lots of fun. Brayden is moving all over the place now, we're going to have to put the gate up again. Lauren is back into the wiggles somehow. She hasn't been interested in them for months but now she dreams about them and everything. Princesses are still big but which one changes often, were still on Snow White right now (notice the picture with Aunt Haley). We have survived the ice storm. We were in Columbus for most of it, I guess we were without power for a day or so. Kearney had rolling blackouts for 3 days because only 1 of 6 service lines into town was functional. Some entire towns around us still won't have power for 3 more weeks. Anyway, enjoy the new pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 9:28 pm

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What a wonderful Christmas so far, and there is more left! We had Jackie's family (except Ed's) at our place and next weekend we go to Columbus. Lauren had so much fun with her cousins and Aunt's and Uncle's and Brayden didn't seem to mind who had him. Lauren was very patient to get to the gifts and once we started, she had a blast. After her cinderella outfit, she burst out "this is what I was wanting" and again after the glass slippers and crown. Then she went around the room asking everyone "Are you my Prince Charming?" I think she settled on Taylor as the lucky guy. She was very sweet. Brayden couldn't stay up long enough so he did all his gifts on Christmas morning. He tore into a few packages. Santa brought Lauren an American girl bitty baby and Brayden a jack-in-the-box. Jackie and I had so much fun just watching how excited they were. Brayden did start to army crawl the night of the 25th so that was exciting. I'm sure there will be more pictures next weekend. Enjoy!
Ryan Kohtz | 10:28 pm

Saturday, December 09, 2006

More birthday Pictures of Lauren. She had one last party for friends on Saturday. On that Sunday, we went to Disney on Ice. Lauren just loved it, especially the Little Mermaid. Brayden finally has two new teeth on top, two more still on the way. At least he has had a break from the pain for a few days until these next 2 come through. Enjoy the pictures. I almsot forgot to tell everyone that we cut Lauren's hair. It was only 2 inches off the back so it's still long but it was time for a cut. She just loves going to the salon with Mom.
Ryan Kohtz | 9:35 pm

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Lauren! Hard to believe she is 3 today. She wanted to go to Applebee's for dinner and they sang Happy Birthday to her. We had a party at Gma and Gpa Kohtz's house last weekend and will have one this Saturday with friends. It has kind of been a birthday week, she keeps getting packages and cards in the mail almost daily. Thanks to everyone! Since she is 3, there are no more rails on her bed. That is what she wanted. Brayden is getting four more teeth, all on top. That will be 6 total. These are coming slower and he is grouchy!! But he loves his toys and loves to laugh. We also call him swiper, because if anything is in reach, he will swipe it. So as Dora The Explorer says, "Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping, Swiper no...." Lauren likes to say that to him now. Enjoy the birthday pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 10:05 pm

Saturday, November 11, 2006

November 3 was Brayden's 6 month birthday. His checkup went well. He is 50% for weight (17-2), 90% for height (27.5) and 97% for head circumference. He is measuring like big sister when she was his age. Halloween was a lot of fun. Lauren was, as she says, a wedding dress and Brayden was a cow. Lauren just kept going to house after house. She was very cold when she came home. Brayden made it to a few houses but had to come home to hand out candy. Otherwise, kids have been good. Brayden just finshed up his first antibiotic for a stubborn sinus infection that just would not go a way. Lauren is getting excited for her birthday and Christmas. Both should be lots of fun this year for us! Check out the pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 9:35 pm

Monday, October 30, 2006

We went to a small little pumpkin patch last week. Lauren had lots of fun and Brayden was just bundled up. Lauren had to ride the pony after she saw another little boy do it. She has been moving our pumpkins around all week. She still goes to church school and loves that. Lauren is very excited for halloweeen, but would like Christmas to come first! Brayden had his first haircut last week, he really needed it. Aunt Candi cut his, just like she did Lauren's first cut. He is eating most all vegies and trying out fruits and is eating food twice a day now. Sleeping may be getting better for him as of late but he still has very little rhyme or reason as to when he wakes up. He can definately sit up by himself now. He just sat there tonight for probably 30 minutes before he fell over.
Ryan Kohtz | 9:06 pm

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Brayden is now eating cereal and vegetables. He is getting better at it all the time and this seees to be helping him sleep longer. He definately has his smiles and giggles, but he is our serious little guy. Usually a look of concentration is on his face. The band aid on Lauren in her pictures is from a scratch and then she likes to pick at it so we have had to leave it on for quite some time to try and get it healed.
Ryan Kohtz | 3:20 pm

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Brayden's first 2 teeth came in last week, just before he turned 5 months. This was followed closely by his first cold, he wasn't happy. He is starting to sit on his own. He is also a grabber, anything and everyting goes to the mouth and if your not careful, he'll pull your plate right off the table. Lauren loves to watch cooking shows and her favorite is Rachael Ray. This leads to her love of cooking. She has to help with dinner and plays with her kitchen all the time. She even makes cookies in the bath tub. Quite the imagination. She also has the chicken dance down solid.

Brayden is 5 months old today!
Ryan Kohtz | 9:28 pm

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Brayden ate his first bites of cereal today. He did pretty good but he had a look of "ick" on his face. Lauren of course had to feed him and then her baby, Joni. Lauren still can get the most laughs out of Brayden. He is close to rolling over from both sides but likes to stop on his side. Every Wed nite Lauren goes to church school and she lets us leave her for an hour. She has lots of fun and is very excited to show us her crafts. This is big for her since she does not let us leave her with strangers.
Ryan Kohtz | 10:11 pm

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Brayden had his 4 month check yesterday. He weighed 15-7 and was 26 inches long. Both are around 60% for boys his age. He has been exploring a lot with his hands, he loves to pull big sisters hair and play with his feet. Only a few pictures to look at this time. Can you believe we have taken only a handful of pictures since the last post!
Ryan Kohtz | 2:50 pm

Monday, August 28, 2006

Brayden has been working on his laugh lately. It is still a bit of a squeal and not quite a laugh, but he is definately happy. He has been waking up at night lately to eat, he had been sleeping until 6-7 every morning but he has went backwards a little bit. Lauren has just been having fun lately. Lots of playing and imagination. Our upstaris furniture is her garage. The sofa is the van, the leather chair is her truck and the chair/ottoman is her yellow beetle (Aunt haley's car). She loads them up with babies, toys, and us and then goes for a drive. Sometimes she even lets us watch a movie in her van!
Ryan Kohtz | 9:09 pm

Monday, August 07, 2006

Some new pics of the kids are up. We went to the fair last weekend. Lauren went from loving the rides to hating them pretty quick. Then we ran across some friends and all the rides were great! She had a blast. Brayden had some 3 month pictures today. We definately have plenty of pictures of our kids. He is still doing well. He is pushing his head up and playing with his hands. He loves to watch big sissy as she is very entertaining.
Ryan Kohtz | 10:26 pm

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy 3 months to Brayden today!
Ryan Kohtz | 12:54 pm

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lot's going on this summer. Brayden is starting to balance his torso. He is full of smiles and giggles and is a very pleasant little boy. He is doing great at daycare and is generally very happy. He sleeps from 8:30 to around 7 am so that is great. Lauren has really taken to the little guy lately as well. At first, she was a little jealous and overprotective around other people, especially kids. Now she likes to show him off and hold him at least once a day. She is also having a fun summer. Lots of swimming and playing outside with friends. She pedals her trike all over the place. Enjoy the pictures!
Ryan Kohtz | 10:10 pm

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here are some new pictures. We spent a little time on the lake over the 4th. Brayden had his 8 week( he's now 10+ weeks) checkup and was 13lb 7 oz (90%) and 24 inches (90%). His head was 95%. Looks like he's a big one. He also survived his first week of daycare, although we learned today a bunch of the kids had colds while he was there. Lauren hasn't picked it up but it seems Brayden has just a little congestion. After we cleared his nose, he seems just fine. Enjoy the pictures.
Ryan Kohtz | 10:09 pm

Thursday, July 13, 2006

We'll have some new pictures up soon. Brayden started daycare a few days this week. Things seem to have gone well for Mom and baby. Bryaden has been smiling and cooing a lot. He seems to be a very serious baby, always with a look on his face. He really moves those legs a lot and tries to get onto his side. One story about Lauren. Generally she goes straight to bed with no fuss. Last night, however, she didn't want to. So after I left her room she seemed ready to stay in there. Well, Mom was in Braydens room (watching) and Lauren did not know this. She crawled on her hands and knees out of her room and peeked down the hallway to see Dad not watching in the kitchen. She then crawled into our room, climbed on the bed and turned on the TV! Little stinker!
Ryan Kohtz | 6:50 pm

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